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Thread: New registration change

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    Lab Eating Man agamergirl's Avatar
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    I agree that this is one of the best sites I've visited. I am a regular at a pet site and the moderators there are a joke! It makes the visit so unpleasant when trolls and kids are allowed to run rampant and nothing is done. Thanks for doing such a great job

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    Hi all! I'm a new member to your site but I'm been reading the posts since last season of Survior. This season I have found I've enjoyed the show so much more because of this site. I can not wait for the new postings after each episode. Thanks for creating such a well organized site. I don't mind waiting to use my avatar. I think the rules have helped to create a wonderful enviorment.

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    best site ever

    Quote Originally Posted by HueyDueyLuey961
    Good idea, John. I think this will eliminate another Gotti forum calamity, and we'll be able to keep around the members that contribute to the site.
    Wow... I really respect the rules of this site. I am a newbie and I am so happy to find that such a "civilized" discussion forum actually exists today! [weep]

    It's clean, friendly, simply amazing. The other discussion sites are full of swearing and name calling and bashing.

    by the way who created this site? it seems to be a LOT of work maintaining and monitoring. whoever you are you did a great job!
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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by anniechen
    by the way who created this site?
    Scroll down to "Who Runs This Site?" for your answer.

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    I'm not able to come here as much as I used too but I'm utterly disgusted with the hackings that have been going on. John I think you had no other choice than to implement these rules. I would probably also suggest tighter restrictions on those under 18. I know we have some good teens here but I think they need to earn their place. JMO. As always, keep up the good work, FORT is the best!

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    Sounds good! I hate TWOP cause there's no avatar. It's so interesting guessing what people like from their avatar!

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    I think the rules you've set up are good...I do have one question though. Is there a posting requirment (number of posts) before you can start new threads, or is it just more a *watch the person* and see if they're legit?

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    There are requirements, but it's a combination of things, and quite honestly, we'd rather not post the "combination" outright, since that would really defeat the purpose. Someone could just come in, hit the combination, and go off on their merry way without actually putting any further effort into their membership.

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    From time to time I have needed to search on different websites for other information besides Reality TV.........when I do, it drives me crazy to read post on these other websites whether they are travel, health,etc. It's hard to handle the arguing among people posting, writing in all caps, cussing etc.
    Thanks to all of you who help we newbies follow the rules.....we appreciate your patience as we learn the ropes. Someday when I get to the "regular" status, it will be great fun to learn how to install custom avatars.

    Keep up the good work.
    I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.
    Maya Angelou

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    Rob Mariano
    how many posts do we have to get to? this could take forever!

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