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Thread: Reporting my own post

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    Reporting my own post

    I was just wondering if it was possible to report a post that I have made myself. The problem is I have posted something and just realized that it could be a possible spoiler and I really don't want to spoil the show for others and was wondering if a mod could please remove it for me (and edit any quoted replies) please?

    The post I am talking about is: Top Model Shows Outside the U.S.

    Thank you all in advance and I will promise to think before I post next time

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    You can't use the automatic "report a post" button, but instead you can PM one of the moderators. There's almost always a mod online, unless it's a really ungodly hour.

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    You have half an hour to delete your own post. After that, you can PM a moderator (any name in red) if you think it's a spoiler.

    I don't follow that show, and it seemed like speculation to me; but I went ahead and added spoiler tags to your post.
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