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Thread: avatar hijinks

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    Anemic Dog

    avatar hijinks

    I noticed that my avatar was changed today to what I believe is someone else's - at least it looks vaguely familiar. And my old avatar is appearing in people's sigs. Not sure if other people's avatars are buggy, but I was wondering if there was something to look into.

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    Scrappy Spartan Broadway's Avatar
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    Anemic.... I'm seeing the same av you've always had... the pic of Stacy from TA2. And your av is in people's sigs??? That's odd all of the way around.

    Maybe log off and delete your cookie and try again?

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    Hi, maybe you could PM me with more specifics, A_D. Like Broadway said, your av looks like the same one at the moment.
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    Anemic Dog
    I cleared the cache a few times, and it's back to normal. You know, I just switched from Firefox 0.9 to Firefox 1.0. Maybe the cache has some bug problems with its internal labelling of saved images. That was quite odd - I was certain no one would want Stacy for their signature (especially my version with the Trump ghoul in the corner), but it kept showing up all over the place - except in my own avatar (even on the User CP page). I'll have to email the Mozilla guys about this, see if it happens on other sites with a lot of images.

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    Much as I love Firefox , I have to admit that it shows a lot of sites in the IE universe in a wonky kind of way. I don't why others would have your av though. That's really strange, especially in their sigs, as we don't have graphics other than our smileys there.

    Maybe one of our Firefox lovin computer folks will check in with an answer.

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    [off topic]I just noticed Donald Trump in your avatar, and it is freaking me out[/off topic]

    Yes, that is very werid.

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