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Thread: What is appropriate for a new thread

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    Quite simply every single season of Idol has been a cesspool of various consipiracy theories. The producers are afraid of contestant XXX's success , Hidden votes, Lights out in XXX town, Bribes, Phone lines cut, Contestant X is sleeping with X , Space aliens jammed the TV signals to parts of the country. We've heard it all. We simply don't want get to it into it yet again. I guess you can multiply this by all of the shows. These are TV shows folks.

    It's really not that important .

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    Dear Eny:

    In the overall scheme of one's life? Yes, it's not important. But to the adults who consider their time valuable and sacrifice up to 2 hrs. for one show's votes - yes, it is. I don't think alluding to insane alien conspiracies is at all apt, when many adults who have loved the show desire to have the show's producers start announcing our numbers cast for each contestant - monitored by a valid independent accounting firm, just like all Hollywood awards shows do - that is not insane nor kooky and should not be classified as such!

    As a moderator, you have the authority to make the decisions here. I resent not being able to express and share this eminently logical move to lay hard feelings and rumors to rest and let us know our votes count! However, I will respect your authority.


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