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Thread: STOOPIT questions that aren't so stupid

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    I made a post earlier and got a message that said "automatically sent to moderation due to language. What do you do in cases like that? Do you change the offending word and let it post, or do you delete it? It was a long post and I'm hoping its the former.

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    Most times we'll change the word depending on what it is, or get rid of the whole thing if it's just a profanity laced tirade. Sometimes it picks up things that it shouldn't, and we'll put it through.

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    Is there anyway you can block out certain forums so when you click on New Posts only the posts from the forums that AREN'T blocked appear? lol

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    No, Alphabet Soup, sorry, you can't. I can see where that'd be a great function, but the software doesn't support that.

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    Actually, it is sort of possible. Use the advanced search, not the simple drop-down one (or just click here). One of the options for the "Find Posts from" is from your last visit. It's a bit of a work-around, and is not convenient, but it'll do what you want to do.

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    After two years I finally learned how to change my av last week (pathetic, I know ), and now I'm moving on to learning how to upload pictures from my camera. The problem I have, is that even though I resize them on Photobucket, when I post them on Fort, they remain the original huge size. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
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    I'm not sure about Photobucket, Roses, but I use a program to resize my pictures that is simply a breeze and would probably help you out. It's called "irfanview," and you can download it here.

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    Roseskid: I use photobucket a lot. It's easier to reduce the size of your image BEFORE you browse and upload it to photobucket.

    First of all when you open up your photo in your regular file, see if there is a box in the tool bar above that reads %. It may say 100% or sometimes 75% or less. HINT: If it is 75% or less, the actual saved photo is HUGE. You need to bring that up to 100% and go from there.

    So when you have your image from your photo file at 100%, use IMAGE RESIZE and make it 50-75% smaller than your original. Then SAVE AS a smaller photo under a SMALLblah blah name. Then you keep your original in it's original size and have a small one to upload to photobucket! Feel free to PM me if you like. I had to do this a few times to figure this out.

    OR, if it is already in photobucket hit EDIT key above the photo. And then resize from there. Rename it or it may upload the original size.

    I've also used tinypic and imageshack. Try it out on the test thread! Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid View Post
    Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
    I've had that happen to me roses. I just thought it was because of the cookies. When the page is being loaded it pulls up the image already stored in your cookies to display on your computer but the smaller size is actually getting posted. The reason I say this is I have cleared my temp file and then checked my posts. They were the correct size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    Roseskid: I use photobucket a lot. It's easier to reduce the size of your image BEFORE you browse and upload it to photobucket.
    roses, I'd suggest the same thing. It's much easier!
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