I've added a "basic rules" FAQ item to our site rules. Please read...

In case you need the basics, here they are:
1) We want an intelligent, respectful member base.

2) No flaming, no baiting, no insults directed toward anyone other than contestants.

3) No discussions of racism, sexism, ageism, or any other ism.

4) Keep it PG-13. That means that "damn", "ass", "bitch" and "bastard" are acceptable, but anything beyond that is not and will be edited or removed.

5) The mods are the people in red. They are in charge of the site, and ONLY they are in charge of the site. If your name's not red, and you see something that violates our rules, you need to use the "Report Post" function (the little triangle sign under someone's avatar), or private message someone in red.

6) Add something of value to a thread, if you're going to post. Don't quote a whole post only to add "yeah that". Don't bother posting "so-and-so is soooo hawt!". Posts that mods feel are wastes of space will be removed. Users that mods feel are wastes of space will likewise be removed.

7) Don't start a thread if another thread on the first 3 pages of a forum is similar and can be used instead. When you DO start a thread, make sure it's in the correct forum.

8) We have very little tolerance for people who use lingo, don't use proper English, type in all-capital letters, or use excessive smileys.

9) Utilize our "Show Discussion" threads for discussions of that evening's shows, and don't start new threads to discuss what happened on that night's show, even if the night is over.

10) Our recaps are written by our wonderful writers (whose names appear in blue). It is impolite to use the recap threads to discuss the show - use the Show Discussion thread. The recap threads should be about the recap. Thank them for their hard work each week, since that's the only payment they receive.

11) Read our other rules. We expect our members to be familiar with them, and follow them, and don't expect "ignorance of the rules" as an excuse. Some sites have rules and don't enforce them - we're not one of them. Play nice, be good, and have fun.