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Thread: partial disabling of vB code in posts?

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    partial disabling of vB code in posts?

    Is there some way of disabling vB code in some parts of a post? The reason why I am asking is that it could be useful when explaining how to do certain things on the boards. By the way, I know there is a guide to vB code, but some of the examples there are only partial. This is the case with for example image hyperlinking (a thumbnail in a post that directs the browser to a bigger version of the picture), the guide leaves a lot to ask for in this case.
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    No, there's not. But you can add a space between the bracket and the code, and it will prevent the code from working. That's how we normally explain to people how to use code. For example,

    [ spoiler]this is spoiler text[ /spoiler]

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