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Thread: Banner Advertising on the FORT

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Google scans each page and serves up relevant ads based on the content of the page, in most cases. It's really neat technology, really.
    Next thing you know they'll be scanning our retinas!! Just like Minority Report!

    I think I might be an ad-man's nightmare, because I had to be told there was a Kerry ad here, and I didn't even know there were google ads above the quick-reply until I read it here (I don't use quick reply enough apparently.) And when I see "google" my eyes just mow right on over it. Who knows...maybe I'm getting smacked-up subliminally. MUST BUY PAPER TOWELS!! *arms extend forward in zombie-like trek to store*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    I have to say that I enjoyed the candor of your post. I think you brought forth some valid points.

    First of all, I have no authority here at FORT. I'm just a regular who has been given the tremendous opportunity to write things that (hopefully) entertain people I enjoying being around. So, my two cents is just my own opinion.

    I think that you are correct that the original poster reacted in an emotional way because he didn't have all of the information about how ads are used here. However, I also think that the emotional response you see from the other posters is also valid. I don't think anyone (for the most part) is intentionally trying to bash anyone else. I think they just instinctively rush to protect John and FORT because they feel that it is "home" for them and that he was kind enough to allow them to reside there.

    I've tried to watch my own response at times to perceived "threats". I would guess that it would be intimidating for a newbie to see cliquish and aggressive behavior when it appears that someone is merely questioning why a policy is in effect. Hopefully, everyone will take heed to your insight (including myself) and try to answer questions in a more supportive way.
    I appreciate your response. I agree that the emotions leading people to defend this site are not only valid but understandable. I'm sure there's even an important social benefit for regulars to affirm how they feel about the site. And the cost to alienating some people, especially newbies, may be pretty slim. But, I think there is always a better outcome when people deal with issues straightforwardly and without emotion, and it bothers me that violation of the most valued principle of the board (no bashing) gets an unspoken sanction. I realize it's John's site and he can allow anything he wants--but why not stick to the principle unconditionally when it works so well?

    A better example is a thread started a few months ago (just around the time I came on the board) by winter7, who questioned whether John messes too much with posts. Let me say up front that winter7 had no defensible point and was rude in his follow-up posts. A few thoughtful posters dispelled the argument with the two necessary pieces of information: (1) it's John's site, not a forum for free speech, and (2) the rules that control interaction actually make the site a better place for the vast majority. With this said, winter7's point was dismissed. But what followed was 10 pages of escalation and pile-on. As a newbie (to these forums in general), I actually learned a lot from hearing the point made and answered, but I was also turned off.

    Anything I post is intended for reflection, not as criticism.

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