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Thread: FORTcon 2004 - October 15-17, Chicago, IL

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Daddio, maybe you can make a few basic suggestions now.

    Re: sports, baseball will pretty much be over by mid October (well except the Cubbies being in the playoffs and world-series Woo Woo!)

    Wrigley Field does offer tours though, you can walk through the stadium, see the locker rooms, run the bases etc. I think that is pretty much all included. I am not sure how often they operate though.

    But that is right when both the Bulls and Blackhawks will be either wrapping up their pre-seasons or begginning regular season schedules.

    The Bulls still tend to sell out the United Center or close to it, but tix can easily be aquired out front of the stadium - usually at face value - just before faceoff/tip off.

    Depaul University has a great basketball team and they play some games at campus and some at the Allstate Arena which is in Rosemont - Rosemont is a big town right next to O'Hare Airport. Hotels, convention center, Stadium, smaller theater for musicals, lesser known acts etc.

    Northwestern University has a lovely campus just north of Chicago and right on the Lakefront and the Wildcats football team usually has plenty of seats avail for games.

    The Bears season will be in full bloom - but seats are hard to come by.

    The Chicago Fire MSL soccer team also plays its games in Soldier Field and seats are easy to get and cheap.

    No visit to Chicago would be complete without a visit to a blues bar...i reccomend:

    Buddy Guys Legends
    Kingston Mines
    B.L.U.E. Chicago

    If you like Cabaret or Torch Singers - you have to check out "The Redhead Piano Bar"

    You MUST see Blue Man Group - They usually do one or two shows nearly every day.

    A stop at Second City for some Improv

    Chilli at Chris Chelios' restaraunt - Chellis Chill (right down the block from the United Center)

    Harry Careys Restaraunt

    Hard Rock Cafe

    House of Blues

    Lincoln Park Zoo (free and right on the Lake front)

    Grant Park

    Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Planitarium and Museum of Science and Industry all bump up against each other and you can buy a special pass to go to all of them in the same day. A shuttle bus (also free) runs all day long in between them all. This is also right next to Soldier Field for a nice photo op.

    The Art Institute is a world class art museum (eldee) and is right on Michigan Avenue.

    Have your photo taken in front of the building they use for the exteriors of ER, your photo taken on the "L Platform" they are always showing on ER.

    Navy Pier is a must see...in October they will have a giant haunted house going, lots of music, restaurants, shopping, some indoors, some out, the worlds largest ferris wheel and all sorts of Lake Front and river cruises ranging from cheap that last 30 mins or so - to full blown floating discos with dinner included.

    A visit to HARPO studios for a taping of the Oprah show (get your tix in advance)
    There is sooooooo much more....i will post later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    I just want to express my appreciation to all the people who have put so much work into planning this, but especially Stargazer.

    Thanks, Stargazer, for putting in so much effort to make this happen. You've done an amazing job pulling this together. As a committee member, I was in on the ground floor, but it's really just exploded in the last few days since you've taken over. This will be fun.

    And, BTW, I plan to come, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Wouldn't throwing her in the pool be more fun?

    Fun for who?

    And yes, I am coming.

    Thanks everyone.
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    This sounds good, but I don't know what my life is going to be like in October. But I'm interested.

    Some suggestions for the program: please try to invite directors of reality programming (or whatever they are called) of all the networks. We could make suggestions for new shows and rant at them for cancelling or changing shows we love. They should be interessted in our opinions, since we are the audience.

    It would also be great if people that have been on a reality TV show could come.

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    Whoa Daddio, you sure do know Chicago! Thanks and I look forward to more info later!

    And thanks to those who resurrected this idea from last year when it never got off the ground and FORT didn't have it's anniversary yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrogirl_2100
    . We could make suggestions for new shows and rant at them for cancelling or changing shows we love. They should be interessted in our opinions, since we are the audience.

    I think that's the best idea I've heard all day astrogirl!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    I think that's the best idea I've heard all day astrogirl!!!
    I can just imagine the mob at the Fox stand

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    I intend to try to contact some reality show contestants, and see if they would be willing and able to attend, as a special treat. 2 local Chicagoans have already said they would love to come (who also happen to be members of the FORT).

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    Yippee, I am so excited and will definitely be there. Thanks again Stargazer and the rest of the committee for all of your hard work (so far, and yet to come)!

    And I agree with Daddio, the Blue Man Group is a must-see. I enjoyed Second City when I last visited Chicago as welll.

    I think I would just die if Toni showed up!
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    Most of the cast of Love Cruise came from Chicago
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