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Thread: What Groups?

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    What Groups?

    I know you have a myriad of issues going on right now, but i have a quick question.
    Under user profiles, it has "group memberships" but yet i have not seen one person who is a member. What exactly is this function?

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    They're mainly used for RPG-based sites, where you can join "clans".

    Basically, what I *could* do here is, for example, create a "Survivor Fans" member group, which you could join on your own, and which would add a little icon under your name or something else to designate you as such. And so on.

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    Oh crap...I'd have so many lil icons under my name!! Sorta like the college helmets with the tomahawks (et al) all over them.

    Nah..needless IMO, John.
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    I second that .. we all watch pretty much everything
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