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Thread: POLL - Is john too overbearing and hurting this site's open exchange?

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    Noisy and vehement outcry--if anyone really cares. I thought the word was very fitting in the situation.
    Paintin' the Town Blue!

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    I am trying to decipher your rambling and mostly incoherent last response. It appears that you have a very poor aptitude for expressing yourself. I must tell you, adult education is a wonderful thing and you should explore a creative writing class...and yes, I am being condescending to you sweetie :o)

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    John, do us all a favor, and don't sink to winter7's level. It's obvious he's just trying to get a rise outta ya. We all know you don't have to defend yourself to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHayes62
    I think that John's control on this site ENABLES open discussion. In many sites where the moderation is much looser, when an opposing opinion is stated, it is not only the opinion that gets attacked, but the person stating the opinion. A lot of John and the Mods actions are for the purpose of allowing us a place to state opinions, and engage in open exchange, without fear of personal attack. The promotes discussion as opposed to hurting it.
    Well said, MHayes62. This is why the FORT is the only message board that I still frequent and post regularly on since I joined over a year ago. I've never found my own opinion to be inhibited at all, in fact as MHayes said, I know I can post honestly without fear of personal attack. Some people actually intelligent, mature discourse. If you don't, you're more than welcome to go.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by winter7

    I am trying to decipher your rambling and mostly incoherent last response. It appears that you have a very poor aptitude for expressing yourself. I must tell you, adult education is a wonderful thing and you should explore a creative writing class...and yes, I am being condescending to you sweetie :o)

    I find myself editting, correcting and basically moderating my own posts all the time because I am a very condescending, smartassed, opinionated person. This thread has been actually funny to read, especially your random "out of nowhere", needless ramblings.
    John is currently doing an upgrade to this site and improving a community of thousands while you're sitting there with your pudgy lil fingers trying to find ways to degrade the community.

    So, I will do the RIGHT thing and not jump into a public banter with you..if you'd like...PM me and we can debate the finer points of your membership to this site.
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    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    But I *am*, in fact, too sexy for my shirt. And so sexy it hurts.
    Well, guess there's no need to officially poll that one.

    Good thing I do not use big words like v***ferous. Although now that I know it's a forbidden word I am very tempted to use it, and often. I want it in my signature line...

    I love it here! Winter what you don't understand is that it has never really been a restriction of freedom of speech - you can have whatever opinion you want, you're just not allowed to attack others. You know the saying, your right to swing your arm ends where it meets my nose? Well that applies here. I like it here because I know personal attacks against me won't be tolerated, and therefore if anything I feel MORE free to post my opinions.

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    I'll cut to the chase . . .

    As my grandfather would put it:

    If you don't like it in here . . . There's nothing between you and the door but air!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Winter, I have GREAT news!!! I heard on the radio this morning, that doctors in Holland have perfected the stickectomy. Iím sure you can get yours removed with little pain.

    Good Luck

    Funny, Cali Is John mean? Yeah, but in a Simon Cowell kind of way

    I've been kicked in the tush a few times by John...picked myself up, dusted myself off and didn't break that particular rule ever again. Yes, Johns rules are strict, zero tolerance for any infractions...but I have NEVER had to log on and find someone flamed me for something I inadvertantly said. I have never seen a board that has no flaming, in all my years of BBSing and the internet - this is the very first board that didn't have any flaming! It's amazing. I love that about this board. And if it takes John being a mean ole Simon Cowell (who is too sexy for his shirt )...that's fine with me.

    Oh, and John...your reply post to Winter cracked me up. "before I ban you (and I will)"
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou

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    I've been around about as long as Winter and have about as many postings...but I love this site....I guess that make me a Flunkie-In-Training (F.I.T.) MOOOOOO....

    Seriously, I lurked for a long time before I signed up, and read through quite a few messages before I started posting here....having been on the receiving end of e-bashing before, I didn't want to experience it again. But, so far, so good...my point is I wanted to thank John for helping to keep this a friendly place for gun-shy newbies like myself.

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    Oh, I know what might be going on here. It's good cop/bad cop. John either opened up another user name OR he has someone putting him down so, he will get to read how much we appreciate all of his hard work and even his posts. John, I caught you at your trick! (So much for reverse psychology. )

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