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Thread: POLL - Is john too overbearing and hurting this site's open exchange?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhora
    I like to think of The FORT as John's living room. I enjoy hanging out in John's living room because I like John, I like the mods he has chosen, and I like the constant influx of interesting new faces in the room. I also like that when one of his guests poops on the floor it is quickly cleaned up and the offending pooper is escorted to the door. I guess winter7 prefers a poopy living room. I don't have a problem with that. There is plenty of internet poop out there just begging to be stepped in. Good luck on your poopquest, winter7.
    Z, that's the funniest thing I've seen all day!

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    Hi, Olivia!
    When I first posted to FansofRealityTV.com, I posted an unpopular opinion on a popular, well-read board. As anyone who's spent any amount of time browsing the Internet knows, I expected to be flamed to a crisp. Not only was I not flamed to a crisp, I was engaged in an intelligent exchange of ideas and invited to contribute.

    That was the reason I returned to the FoRT. And returned again. And again.

    Winter, I don't know if you've spent any time running a message board. I've spent five years running an email list and two years before that co-administering one. There are some days that I grit my teeth when I read the email of the day and see junk and know that I've got to deal with junk again. And I "only" have less than twenty members to worry about! John and the Moderators have thousands!

    Just recently, I dealt with a writer whose email almost tore up the peace and civility that we enjoyed. I gritted my teeth and wanted with all my heart to slap him down, voice-of-god style. I certainly would have been justified, and he certainly deserved it.

    But I asked myself a simple question: "What would John do?"

    And it's because I handled the matter directly, honestly and quickly and allowed the writer to retreat with a bit of dignity that I managed to avoid the exodus of more members and the site came out on the other side stronger and more unified.

    For the hard work that he puts into his site, for the Moderators that also work so very hard to maintain a sense of civility and fun, and for perhaps one of the most outstanding forums on the Internet or anywhere, I commend John and the Moderators.

    And that is an unsolicited, unedited, unbiased opinion. How does that qualify as "flunky" thinking?
    "...Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things donít always soften the bad things, but...the bad things donít always spoil the good things." - The Doctor

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    Thanks for such a great laugh. John, I think we can say you successfully "kicked him to the curb."

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    I mod for another board which has nothing to do with reality TV...we're an anime/gaming board aimed at your average teenager...don't ask me why I'm there, I don't really know anymore. But I've trolled here for a little while...

    The funny thing is that, on our boards, this kind of thread would have been deleted and the member banned so fast their heads would be swimming. We have ZERO tolerance for stuff like that. Then again, on our old EZ board we had 40,000 members, and we banned several each week.

    So this thread is really, REALLY funny for me. I wonder if our members would stand up for our webmaster so well. I would like to think so.

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    Gee where is that Stacy chick when you need her?
    Sheldon Cooper: Woman, you're playing with forces beyond your ken

    Penny: Yeah, well your Ken can kiss my Barbie.

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    A man can convince anyone he's somebody else, but never himself. - Verbal Kint from the movie The Usual Suspects

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    Subliminal One
    Quote Originally Posted by winter7
    This thread has been set up to deal with the racial significance of The Apprentice. I want to totally commend Mr Trump for his selection on Kwame over Troy. Because The Apprentice has become something of a social phenomenon, it is very important for a person of color to be represented in the final four. While I am not saying Donald chose Kwame for this reason (as I feel Kwame has been the strongest competitor so far) I do hope he did take this into consideration. I also hope that he will select Kwame as the final winner because of all the good it can do to heal the existing racial wounds. We owe it to the suffering the people of color have endured while simply trying to live the American dream.


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    Subliminal One, please tell me you made that one up!

    Thanks for the laugh.

    I will admit John and I have had our "tiffs" or "disagreements", but John has always been fair and just, and most of all, patient with me, and always a gentleman.

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    Subliminal! hahahahaha

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    The post that SubOne quoted is the one I locked, which originally started this thread.

    The PM I received before this thread was started was even funnier.

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