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Thread: Just curious about "lingo"

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    The ironic part is that a lot of it isn't an abbreviation. I can sort of understand if they are using "u" for "you" to save a couple keystrokes, but most of that was just corrupted spelling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh
    I don't even know what ETA stands for unless I'm watching Third Watch.
    ETA = edited to add. I don't see that one as "lingo" just a convenient abbreviation, akin to FYI and the likes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmandaG
    The reason "lingo" was mercifully, mercifully banned

    (From the Somethingawful "awful link of the day")
    OH GOD How can anyone 'write' like that? I would think that the purpose of lingo was to make it easier to type/write (less keystrokes) eg. u for you etc. But then it seems ironic that this lingo is actually harder to type and harder to understand. I strongly believe that this person was making a conscious effort to spell like that. Isn't it silly to make your life more difficult like that? :rolleyes

    ineedalife, I'm in my early 20s and I don't understand what that person is writing about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modesty
    ETA = edited to add. I don't see that one as "lingo" just a convenient abbreviation, akin to FYI and the likes.
    It took me quite a while to figure out ETA when I first encountered it

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    OMG! lmao thank goodness the FORT doesnt look like that.. that board looks like some stoner got a hold of a speak/type program it blew up.
    I did understood some of it but it took my secret decoder ring and 3 glasses of wine.
    There is no way on this green earth that I would ever be able to type like that. My spelling sucks, my typing leaves alot to be desired but holy cow! I would never resort to the bastardizing the english language like those kids have............... heh heh heh .. I wonder if that's what our parents were saying about us when we started using slang?? hmmm
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    I'm getting a kick out of some of the comments that have been left for her... few of them are PG-13... but I really liked this one:
    arrrrgh! you make me wanna destroy the internet

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    I thought it was a foreign language. Most of it I couldn't figure out. I may go back later and try to read more of it. Can't imagine why, but I might do it.

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    I actually understood most of what she was saying....
    Gustav Holst was right!

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    haejin, maybe you could pm me a translation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Skittles, welcome. The reason is simple: I don't like it. There's nothing deeper than that..
    Well, see...I knew there was some profound reasonable reason for banning lingo on FoRT

    Actually, I like the no lingo rule, even though I am a long time computer board user and almost think in lingo now. But, by not having it here...we don't all have to wade through ten posts that are trying to explain what IMHO or other lingo means before we get to a post about the actual subject of the thread. It just makes sense to type it all out because FoRT attracts a wide variety of users....from teens to seniors....who may or may not use computer lists and boards regularly.

    (Oh, IMHO means "In My Humble Opinion")
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou

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