Due to recent circumstances that I was hoping wouldn't come to pass, I feel it's necessary to discuss the reason behind Firegirl's removal as a writer from our site, and subsequent banning. She is spreading lies about these reasons, and since she keeps re-registering with new names in order to continue spreading these lies, this has become an unfortunate necessity to correct.

Firegirl was a writer for us, covering "Anything For Love" and "Cupid". Over a 3-week period, we became aware that she was plagiarizing, in whole, copyrighted recaps from other sites, and passing them off here as her own original content. This was an extremely embarassing situation for us, and I sent my heartfelt apologies to the admins and writers at those other sites. We also removed the material immediately from our site, had the links to that material removed from other sites, and removed Firegirl as a writer.

In an attempt to spare her from public embarassment, we did not publicly discuss the reasons behind this removal. Our administration of the site is done, for the most part, privately, and normally none of the members' business.

At first, she completely denied plagiarizing the recaps. When confronted with irrefutable proof, she launched into an even more bizarre and convoluted story that I won't detail here, but suffice to say was neither true nor believable, and frankly was on par with someone claiming they were abducted by aliens.

Most people, at that point, would probably be sufficiently embarassed as to leave the site. Firegirl chose not to, for her own unknown reasons. She even tried, on multiple occasions and through multiple people, to get back in the mods' good graces and try to become a writer again. Of course, we absolutely would never even consider such a thing, and told her as much whenever asked.

Recently, she had some disagreements with the mods and other users regarding religion and other topics. Around this time, we began hearing rumors that she was telling members that she had stepped down voluntarily as a writer, and that we wanted her back but she wouldn't do it. All completely untrue, but since we hadn't gone publicly into the reasons behind her removal, we felt it was best not to refute those claims. Eventually, it came to a head and we permanently removed her from the site.

She subsequently signed up as another user, Chadoe, and pretended to be someone completely different. When we removed that account, she signed up as O21Putt, and we removed her again. Most recently, she signed up as "pwincess", and we once again removed her. Since this pattern continues, we felt it was important to state publicly the reason she was both banned and removed.

Please know that her removal as a writer and as a member have *nothing* to do with any of her personal beliefs whatsoever. We removed her as a writer for plagiarizing recaps, and we removed her as a member for her continued disruption of our site by spreading untruths and outright lies.

When I recently confronted her about her multiple accounts, and asked her to please stop re-registering at our site, what I received was a concocted story almost as unbelievable as the original set of "circumstances", involving people breaking into her house and signing up to the site to make her look bad.

It saddens me that we are forced to do this publicly, but I will not sit idly by while a former member rewrites history in an attempt to smear the site and the staff running it. Her return is not up for discussion. She is not welcome on our site, and any accounts which we discover are owned by her will be removed immediately without notice. I refuse to let one member ruin what this site represents and has become, through the efforts of the staff and our wonderful membership.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for being a part of the FORT. If you have specific questions regarding this action, please feel free to PM me. I will not go into details of the circumstances I've been vague about, though.