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Thread: Avatar Sizing

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    I use a freeware program that I really only use for resizing avatars... it's better than Paint, but not much...

    It's easy to resize images, and since that's all I really want to do, that's fine with me

    It's called ImageForge.

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    I forgot to add, to get the free download from the jasc site, go to their site and click on "products"...you'll see the free Paint Shop Pro 8 free trial on the right hand side.
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    One more question

    Where do you upload it on this board? I don't see it in the User CP.

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    You may not use a custom avatar until you've been here for a little while, and shown that you can read and follow our rules. See the "sticky" thread at the top of this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    I have been to one or two message boards where the avatars were bigger. I have a fast connection, so there wasn't any load time, but I didn't like it. I thought they were distracting and (as cali said) obnoxious. I'm a pretty big fan of the size that we have and I think that it's one of the things that makes FORT unique.
    I agree with you here Star....I go to another site where the avs are okay, but they allow blinkies....unlimited amounts of blinkies. I don't really need to know that you love Desperate Housewives, shoes, chocolate, reading, the internet and LOVE your name in blinking lights. I have DSL and it still takes awhile to load. Makes me not visit the site!

    I think the rules here are just perfect. Enough to customize our own look, yet not overpower the site with images and clutter.

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    I still don't understand how you upload your own avatar. All I see is the ones that FORT has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Gal View Post
    I still don't understand how you upload your own avatar. All I see is the ones that FORT has.

    You might try reading John's post (2 above yours). After you've been on the board a little longer, and shown that you can follow the FoRT's rules, you will then earn the option of a custom avatar. Keep posting, be polite, don't use lingo or leet, and you'll be able to soon enough.

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    How do you put on a custom avatar??

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    You need to have more posts first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiCee View Post
    So many of you have really cool avatars (some animated How do you find pics for your avatar? Do you have to resize the pics? Is that hard to do?

    The only way I have figured out to find pics (other than the ones provided on FoRT) is to do a Google Image Search. When I search for small images - most of them are so tiny you can't see them, or they are totally boring stuff. If I search for medium size, they seem to be way bigger than the 125X125 pixels.

    If anyone has any hints on finding better pics that are the right size (or how to resize them), I sure could use the help

    Hi Kaicee,

    First of all, use any search site whom have a "Image" option on their search engine to make it easier for you to find pictures.

    Secondly, you can use various programs. I've used everything from simple Paint to Gimp to Ulead to PhotoShop. I find Ulead the easiest and most user friendly. Gimp is also very good for a freeware.

    In order to resize your avatar all you have to do is simply cut the avatar to your required dimension. In order to find out how big it is, once you save it just right click on it and you'll see its size and dimensions in the "properties" window.

    Hope that helped.

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