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Thread: Ways the FORT is supported

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    nesting Kennedy's Avatar
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    Ah, I see. Paid Subscriptions, under miscellaneous. I really need to investigate better. Thx.
    home at last

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    FORTfruity applesauce's Avatar
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    Gee, I just ran across this thread and learned about the amazon.com benefit.

    I've searched everywhere for an amazon search button. Has it been removed? I did click on the amazon banner as it flashed on the top of the page and made a pretty good sized purchase. I hope FORT gets the money. I wish I had known about this. We make amazon purchases monthly. Such an easy way to send gifts to our family members...and ourselves.

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    Yes, I've since replaced the Amazon button at the bottom of every page with a rotating banner, so clicking on the banner when it appears, and buying (whatever) within 24 hours gives us a percentage.


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