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Thread: Todd TV forum removed

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    I don't even want to know, but it must have been really bad, as he was also stuck with recapping American Juniors!

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    Don't forget "Star Dates" and "Married by America". He had them both.

    Better yet, forget.

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    TODD TV 2-4 Todd moves Surprise, this is good! Go see!

    Recast of #103
    Todd TV, FX Feb 04 10:00pm CST
    Todd TV, FX Feb 06 10:00pm
    Todd TV, FX Feb 07 04:00pm
    Todd TV, FX Feb 08 09:00pm

    Todd TV, FX Feb 11 09:00pm CST

    After a really slow start I think this show has turned the corner and will be fun to watch. There were still some bumpy spots.

    THis show was so much better than the previous show. I was almost embarassed to post that I had seen the previous show. Todd is opening up to the experience. The charm that probably caused them to cast him is beginning to show.

    They brought on a possible alternate Todd and he straightened right up.
    Mom is hardly on.
    Todd is interacting with poeple and making real effort to participate.
    His real girl friendis now on the show.
    He looks good with a new hair cut and look.
    He has one interesting new roommate and one not so interesting.
    He screwed up again but made an honest apology.
    George the emcee asked an out of line question and Todd had the class not to answer and embarass either of the women in question.

    Show has potential I think. Noticed lots of Big Brother crew is working on the show. I know the editing will be very very good.

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