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Thread: Posting a Picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Okay, you're clicking on Manage Attachments, then clicking "Browse", selecting your file, then clicking on "Add This File"...then it uploads, and you will see the file listed under "Current Attachments", with a "remove" button next to it. If you just want the one picture, then click "all done". If you want to add another, click Browse again, select another file, and click "add this file" again. And so on.

    I'm pretty sure you're not clicking "add this file"...
    that explains alot. as I was looking for the current attachment all of a sudden it appeared. seems to take awhile for mine to upload it or something. I was just going too fast for the system. thanks John for your patience and help

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    I have attempted to add a picture to a post several times today, used the manage attachments, browse, select the name and then add -- I'm on dial up (I know, it stinks) and it took forever to load, looked like it would work, then I got the dreaded "can't find" screen.

    I don't think this picture carries alot of bytes, but it may, is there a limit to the size and might that be the problem? I know a couple of pictures I had hoped to used as avatars were too large, but don't know if there is a size limitation for pictures that are added to posts.

    Also, once you have a picture that is too large, is there a way to reduce the byte size so that it can be posted or used as an avatar?

    Thanks in advance for any help for this technologically challenged poster.

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