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Thread: Friend of Miriams

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    Friend of Miriams

    I'm a good friend of Miriams, and yes she has been on rumspringa for a while now. But i just want to clear some things up that ive read recently on one of the forms. Amish people are very kind and accepting, but theres one thing they dont accept, and thats remarriage. That means if you divorce you CAN NOT remarry again!! Its the one thing the amish simply DO NOT accept!!! That is all amish. Not mennonites, but amish. When you get married its till death do you part. Or you have to leave the amish church if you want to remarry.

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    Welcome to the FORT mandy!

    Thanks for the info.

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    Yes that's very true. My friend that used to be Amish...his parents divorced and him and his father moved into the modern community. I asked him if he ever saw his mom and he said sometimes he sees her but not to much. So maybe he gets to see her sometimes because it was his dad that divorsed.
    He was in the hospital a lot so that might have been one of the reasons he left the Amish community.
    I just found out his new address...I haven't heard from him in monthes. Last I heard he was living with his mom...so I'm not really sure what's going on with him...if he went back to amish or what...

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