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Thread: They Ruined Amish In The City

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    They Ruined Amish In The City

    Never told us if they left or stayed

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    Quote Originally Posted by EstrangedFreak
    Never told us if they left or stayed
    ya totally true..for the whole show they been yapping about are we gonna go or stay...the end of the show should have stated their decision..that was kind of a let down..we still don't know what their decision is!

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    What are you talking about? They all said that they weren't going back to the Amish (at least not immediatly).

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    Hey, don't you remember that as each of the housemates left, one at a time, they told what they were going to do? That is how we all found out that the Amish kids weren't going back to the Amish. Jonas was going on to college. Ruth was going to try to work with the poor in some way. As Randy was leaving, the narrator said that he was going to go back to the same county he came from and would work in construction but would not go back to the Amish. One by one, the narrator or the person said what each one was going to do.

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