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Thread: Follow-up to Rant on date change/no re-run

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    Follow-up to Rant on date change/no re-run

    Well, apparently the fact that I've lurked for so long and not posted prohibits me from having an open thread or from posting links. Nonetheless, I promised a copy of the letter I sent to complain to UPN and ask you to do likewise. Their website is simply UPN (followed by the appropriate punctuation that I can't post :phhht ). Click on Miriam, click on Contact the Show. Here's what I wrote:

    Why IN THE WORLD did you put Amish in the City on Tuesday night? We have been watching it for some 6 weeks with Wednesday night airs and Friday night re-runs, and we always watch the re-run night. So we knew this was finale week and got so excited...to find out at 9 PM on Tuesday that we had just missed the whole freaking thing. I understand that Wed night is important in the programming world, but why is there no Friday re-run? OR ANY RE-RUN? You just blew off on the climax of your entire show?! That is pretty lame. I'll tell you, there are a whole lot of pissed off people out here. Apparently you made the populace choose between it and another favorite TV show, Amazing Race. And plenty of people are ranting on forums across the Internet because they didn't get the entire show for various other reasons, and all anyone wants to know is WHEN IS THE RE-RUN? And the answer is that UPN is too concerned about its pathetic Veronica Mars show (which has a good story line but based on the commercials really poor acting so it isn't going to go anywhere) to care about the people wanting to know the end result; UPN has already moved on to its next money-grubbing enterprise to waste its time on catering to the viewers. So now you have a whole lot of people WANTING to watch your station asking you to play what they had already come to expect and you put some crap show in its place on not one occasion, but TWO, and are going to have no viewers instead when they turn off the tube and go to the forums to rant about Amish in the City not being where it was supposed to be. And this is only an hour after the Amish in the City finale aired. I want to know when the re-run will be aired.


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    I agree. I missed the finale also, and for some reason Tivo didn't record it. When I found out it was moved, it was to late. I think I'll write a letter also.
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    I, too, am angry @ UPN!!!


    I realized AFTER I watched the Amazing Race that I missed the FINALE of Amish in the City!!! I can't believe they are not re-running it! GRRR! I agree, "Veronica Mars" looks pathetic!!! Can anyone tell me what happened and whom went back to the Amish?

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    What happened?

    There is a show re-cap that says what happened. (I won't put it here for unsuspecting eyes that are holding out for the re-run!) Just check the forum.

    (And thanks to whomever opened the thread! I appreciate it!)

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    I'm not sure if this is common knowledge by now, but for those of you who don't know; the "Amish" finale will be aired on Global television out of all Canadian provinces (except Quebec) on Sunday night at, I believe, 10 pm. So, if you have satellite, you may still be able to catch it.

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    We hoped to get it on a western channel and didn't have one, but we sure will look into finding the Canadian station by then. Thanks for the heads-up!! -Christina (Doing a little dance!)

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    We missed it too. We had a season pass on our DirecTivo, but since it's been on Wednesdays there hadn't been any conflicts so I just assumed it would record, but on Tuesday two shows were already set to record, so the Amish didn't. No wonder UPN is a third rate network, whomever moved the finale to a different night, should be flogged with a wet noodle and sent to bed with no dinner.

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    I agree 1000%!

    I am very upset to have missed it!

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    My Rant to UPN........

    What you have done with the scheduling of the Amish in the City finale was “totally rotten” to put it mildly. This is the only reality show that I have watched from the beginning and then you pull a STUNT like this. I lived through enough promos for your Top Model show that I could have made an informed decision on whether I wanted to watch it instead of being tricked into it. I’m now clicking off UPN and will not watch or follow any of your reality shows again. I fully expect to watch you garner publicity from your “flood” of emails from your angered viewers and then “suddenly” announce a special “encore” airing of Amish in the City. Well I’ve read the forum posts, I know what happened and I won’t be watching. Don’t bother apologizing to the fans, we all know it was an obnoxious programming scam.
    I’m not even clicking your “complaint” option so you can not add me to your PR totals. Enough said.

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    I almost did not see it myself, as I usually watch something else on Tuesdays. But for some reason I was checking TV listings and saw Amish listed about 5 min before start.

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