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Thread: Boy, am I in trouble! Last episode on VHS?

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    Boy, am I in trouble! Last episode on VHS?

    My wife became addicted to Amish in the City, and because she had to work late tonight, I PROMISED her I'd tape the last episode for her. Well, BIG DUMMY here forgot to tape the show!
    Yep, new tape in the VCR, 9:00. Right. No problem.
    And then I looked at the clock at 9:25 and did a "D'OH!" Homer Simpson woulda been proud of.

    Does anyone know if the last episode is going to be repeated? A 14 day search on Yahoo! TV has NOTHING listed.

    So, here I am, BEGGING:
    Did anyone happen to tape the show? And, uh, well . . . would anyone be willing to make a copy for me? I'd be EXTREMELY grateful!!!

    She reminded me and reminded me, and . . . oh, geez; am I gonna have some 'splainin' to do! : (

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    I sympathize with you. I had my VCR set, tape in, ready to go. For some reason, seven seconds into the show, the VCR stopped recording. It's never done that before. The tape looked fine. Doh! I emailed UPN begging them to replay it.

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    I also would like a copy. had a family emergency and did not get to see it or have time to get the tape set up . I would be very greatful if anyone could get me a copy.


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    I haven't seen my tape yet, I think I have it. I've still to see my tapes of the finale for BB and Amazing Race and Renovate My Family and Trading Spouses. That's what happens when you have to be at work at 6 am. Never to see these things live like normal people.
    So live that anyone speaking ill of you is branded a liar

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