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Thread: 9/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Thought the thread would be longer....
    I missed it last night because i had no idea it would be on and tuesday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galliard
    Miriam: drat...I missed her decision! Anyone?
    Miriam said she's not interested in going back to the Amish right now. The outside world just holds too many opportunities. But she didn't say she'd never go back. None of them said they'd never go back.

    Also Randy said that he'll be better able to be friends with Miriam now, after having been in the house.

    I suspect that when it comes time to marry and raise a family, most of them probably will go back to the Amish, to at least give their children a good foundation for their belief system. I'm just guessing of course.

    This was a good series, and I especially enjoyed the finale. I wish there was some way to check up on all these folks in a few years time to see what they're up to. (Well maybe not all of them, just the Amish kids and Kevan. )
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    I wish they did like a few other shows I've seen: on the last show, or right after the last show, have a sort of "town meeting"...the cast is gathered together once more, but in a forum-like setting. They can comment on the show (now that they've seen it), clear up misconceptions, and take questions from the audience. I'd love to hear some of the CK's defend/explain some of their behavior, or at least own up to it.

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