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Thread: Reruns or DVD of the Season?

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    Reruns or DVD of the Season?

    Wow this was my favourite show of the summer and now its gonna be over with one episode left! I can't believe it. And after the show we probably won't hear much about any of these ppl again. Has UPN said anything about the season being out on DVD or possibly running it again (like they do with "top model"?) It would be awesome to see it all again, and be able to pick up on parts that may have been missed...I'd remember how entertaining it was to watch..is there gonna be an "Amish In the City 2" anyone heard anything?...best wishes to all of them regardless their decisons!

    its almost over!

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    I know, I'm pretty bummed about it almost being over too.

    It may be a few more years before any decisions are made about staying out or going back.

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