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Thread: Write a letter to the City Kids...

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    Write a letter to the City Kids...

    If you were to write a letter to the City Kids who appeared on the show, what would you like to tell them?

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    With the exception of Kevan: The lot of you are THE MOST mindless, self-centered, vapid, shallow, borish, egotistical, disrespectful, inconsiderate, lazy, intolerant bunch of losers I've have EVER had the displeasure of seeing. I hope you spoiled brats are proud of yourselves for misrepresenting your cultures and the "English" world. I'm embarrassed for your families who probally tried to raise you right (or maybe you are a reflection of them, God help us). Shame on you! :phhht :nono

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    City Kids,

    Do not ever sign up for another reality show. Please. The portrayal of you on Amish In The City was quite enough.

    Reese: You're an embarrassment to a lot of people who are gay. Me included.
    Whitney: Who do you think you are? Must be hard to dole out your opinions from such a high pedestal.
    Ariel: Keep sticking true to your beliefs, but remember...you're NOT the only one on the planet and NOT everyone shares the same views as you. Also, instead of jumping on bandwagons, learn what you're going to be preaching before being so "informative" of your viewpoints.
    Kevan: Would you have been so "cool" toward the Amish if the other city kids didn't ostracize you from their lil "group"?
    Nick: You're a jerk. Total jerk. Good luck with your life.
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    My little would pretty say the same as above. Especially the remark toward Kevan, because I truly wonder...

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