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Thread: Who returns/who doesn't

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    all rightie prediction time! This is what I think its gonna play out like
    1. Mose - return to the amish, he's a country boy at heart and I think he always will be
    2.Ruth - goes back to the Amish if Marvin does, otherwise maybe continue to live in city
    3. Randy - returns to the Amish, he seems to miss it more than anyone, his family, his friends, even his everyday routine.
    4. Miriam - she's a party girl, I think she would like to stay and persue her life in a different direction (in the city)..maybe find love?
    5. Jonas - I think he's gonna stay in the city. If he does well on his G.E.D I think he'll definitly wanna continue on with his education to see higher ranks than he ever dreamed he could..

    Regardless, I wish them all the best..
    wish there was a way we could actually tell them that!

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    Mose - will return back to the Amish .... although he's very smart & seem intrigued by everything there is to explore, I think he prefer the more slow paced everyday life of the Amish

    Ruth - will do whatever Marvin chooses to do .... which I think will be staying in the city. They've both got piercings etc and seem happy to be "free" of the Amish "restrictions"...

    Miriam - Stay

    Jonas - Stay

    Randy - Return to the Amish

    I hear alot of them say they miss the country etc, I hope they realize that there are other places they can go that has more country side & isn't as fast paced as Los Angeles .... LA is just the more extreme opposite of an Amish lifestyle, but there are more country like lifestyles they could choose, smaller cities etc...

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    I thought that the amish had money and were they choose to stay out of the amish that theyd be able to support themselves. After all the work that they do may be able to make them a significant amount money.
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    Mose- After the media attention dies down and all the fun that goes with it... He'll return to the Amish
    Ruth- Return, especially with the boyfriend thing
    Jonas- Return
    Miriam- Probably return. It may take some time.
    Randy- Stay in the city

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    One thing we have to realize is that these kids wont make this decision so easily.It could take years before they actually know what they want out of life.And they can also change their minds anytime.I left the Amish five years ago and I would still be welcomed back with open arms.All I'm saying is unless you know them personally weŽll probably never know their true decision

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    If Jonas does well on his GED, I think he will stay in the City. Randy seems to be the most homesick for the Amish life. Mose, I'm not sure because he may opt for country life, but maybe not as strict a religious life as Amish, as others have pointed out. I think that Miriam and Ruth will return.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    I bet they all go back to the Amish.
    seriously-- in the article announcing the filming and broadcasting of this show in our newspaper (which would have been AP)

    it was mentioned that two of the Amish kids-- did stay, when the time came to choose to go back to the Amish

    whether it is a mis-lead, (as tv shows sometimes do) or true

    I actually DID read that--

    they said one girl, and one boy chose to stay "outside" the Amish, on "rumspringa", for now anyway.--

    if that fact is accurate, it makes it even more interesting for Tuesday nite's finale


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    Quote Originally Posted by bitemeagain
    they said one girl, and one boy chose to stay "outside" the Amish, on "rumspringa", for now anyway.--
    Wouldn't Mose have to be the guy, then? He has been doing a lot of interviews and media appearances, whereas I've seen nothing of the other two.
    Of the two girls, my guess would be Miriam.

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    That's a tough question....I couldn't really say. Mose could go back to the amish but I don't think his family is very "tight" like the others. When they met the smuckers he said he wished is family was like that. So I dunno...I could see him not being amish but staying in the country.
    Miriam is like the party person, I could see her living in the city.
    Ruth would do whatever her boyfriend decides to do.
    Randy, I'm not sure.
    Jonas will probably go on to a higher education.

    As for if they can survive going into the city if they don't become amish, well they are getting paid to do this show, so that gives them a start. Unlike other Amish that would go into the modern world with little money and struggle to get through high school and get enough money for college. Trust me, I know an "ex-amish" guy that has struggled getting through college, but he didn't know what he wanted to do and mostly worked at burger king.


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    Am I seeing things?

    I watched the beginning of the Emmys tonight which was the red carpet preview. There was a point when George Lopez stood by the front line of fans for his commentary. I could swear I saw standing there was an enthusiastic Ruthie and what looked like either Meagan or Ariel. Am I crazy? Did anyone else see this?

    If I am right, the live Emmys would prove that Ruthie did not return to the Amish.

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