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Thread: 9/15 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Kyle the Flash
    Jonas owned Ariel in that argument I thought...he hit the nail on the head commenting on "exaggerations" and on something that she has never experienced before.

    I can respect vegeterians but the self righteous or I'm gonna tell you my vegeterians beliefs whether you wanna hear it or not gets a little force fed to me...and would be extremely annoying to live with.

    The pig part was hilarious. She was grossed out by the dead pig so she goes into a port-a-potty to vomit? lol, and before it is done she calls her roommates "savages"...

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    I was so upset about what Ariel said about machine-milked cows. I was born and raised on a dairy farm and we NEVER, EVER milked the cows most of the day or until they bled. You just can't do that. The cows don't produce milk that fast, and it only takes a few minutes to milk them. We did it twice a day. If what she said were true, there would be cows dying daily or having to be treated by vets all the time. It's not economically feasable, and would be cruel. Jonas was right about those lectures being exagerrated by fanatics who have no clue what really happens. And Nick, Whitney, Reese and Meagan are the biggest group of snot-nosed spoiled brats! I was wishing one of them would fall into a heap of cow poo or something. This episode really left me feeling
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    Kyle the Flash
    that was my roommate was saying regarding the cows, he was like: "you idiot they only produce so much milk!"

    heh, guess he was right.

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    FORT Fogey psucashcow's Avatar
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    Nick proved once again what a worthless piece of human excrement he was. And, who asked how you could tell the males from the females when the COWS were entering the milking barn? Hope it wasn't Ariel....really uninformed if you don't know which sex produces the milk. By and large, because Reese and Nick and Ariel were whining the most, they got the most air time and it was really annoying. Nick gives me the impression that he just doesn't want to work. Period.
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    Kevan was doing his part with the fencing but I didn't see him at all during the "shoveling manure in the barn" segment. The women should have pitched Nick and Reese out of the kitchen - but it certainly fits that Reese belongs with them. And Nick complaining about bad smells - he's a busboy for heaven's sake. He never has to scrape garbage off of plates? This whole episode just served to show how shallow and self-centered the CK's are. What do any of them do to make them think that they are too superior to do good, honest labor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    Nick gives me the impression that he just doesn't want to work. Period.
    I picture Nick showing up on the "Surreal Life" in about 4 or 5 years, after they've run out of B, C, and D celebrities...still a bus-boy (sorry...musician).

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    Quote Originally Posted by effluvial
    Does anybody know why the men and women of Schmucker family seem to dress differently in regards to the women wearing more traditional clothing and Mr. Schmucker looking like he's wearing more contemporary clothing?

    All I remember Mose saying was that this family wasn't "All Amish" or "Full Amish?"...something like that. He said they live their lives like the Amish but are not a part of the community.
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    Ooh, so many comments to comment on, I don't know where to start!! My husband and I also got a kick out of Jonas and Ariel's discussion on cows. Like someone else said, she knows it all because she's been to lectures. Um, hello, Jonas LIVED on a farm. And like someone else said, you get those people with the marginalized views who twist facts to fit their cause (sort of like the Christian rock website). Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I cannot stand those who try to force their beliefs on others.

    I too, was impressed with Whitney's change of heart. I'd like to believe that was her idea after the shock of going to Amish country settled in. She was a bit more likeable this week.

    Even though I dislike Ariel for the most part, I did pity her a bit. To know nothing but a vegan lifestyle, that would be hard to see an actual pig roasted. It would probably make me sick. But I couldn't get sick in a Porta-Potty either!!

    Nick really ticked me off even more this week. Those of you who said he just doesn't like to work period are right. Can he get any lazier?!?!

    I wonder if the Smucker family were actually Mennonite. I'm not too sure of the differences between Mennonites and Amish. I know they dress similar, but Mennonites are more progressive and live more modern lives. I wonder if they were any relation to the Smucker Jelly family (Smuckers jelly was started around Amish country and the founder was Mennonite - just read this in the Sunday paper). Strong support for the Mennonite theory, IMO.

    My husband and I could totally relate to how the AK related to being back in Amish country. We live in Cleveland (have to, his job requires it) and HATE it. We always say we're not meant to live in the city. Not that I could be happy slinging crap, but I could seriously like a quiet, slow-paced country life!! I really liked this episode!!

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    Just seems like the city kids have such shallow minds that it bugs the heck out of me. Nick a well able person complained about the amish country work. It was like welcome to the hard working world Nick. He acted like a little princess. Well so did Reese but he is a queen after all so he can act like a spoiled little girl. Whitneys look on her face when she found out the were going to amish country, priceless! That 2 face girl first says no shes not going. (oh wait she would actually have to work, lol) and then you can tell someone must of said something to her close minded self and she decides it would be a good idea. I would never want her for a friend, you would never know when and where she would stab you in the back.

    All I can say Kevan of all the city kids has impressed me the most. He has accepted the amish very well. I dont know if its b/c the city kids have turned on him.

    I do hope when the city kids see themselves on tv they will be totally ashamed of themselves. Because they have showed a side I detest in anyone, its called ignorance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahm_Bev
    I wonder if the Smucker family were actually Mennonite. I'm not too sure of the differences between Mennonites and Amish. I know they dress similar, but Mennonites are more progressive and live more modern lives.
    This is my theory, too. I used to go a Mennonite church when I was a little kid. Everyone there was sort of "Amish-lite" (no disrespect intended). I grew up just outside Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and we were surrounded by Amish. Just about every day a horse-and-buggy would drive right by our house. They do like to stay to themselves...for having grown up around them, I know surprisingly little about them. We also used to get our milk from an Amish farm. I did feel a little sorry for their animals, actually. You could tell that while the animals weren't mistreated, they were definitely not cared for beyond what was necessary to maintain basic health. I always felt bad for the kittens...there'd be a whole bunch of them each year, and by years end, most had "disappeared". I wish they had gotten them neutered, at least!

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