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Thread: Sitting this one out...

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    Sitting this one out...

    This has been mentioned on several other threads, and I thought it might deserve it's own thread. Does anyone have any oppinion on some of the cast "sitting out" the events? I find this totally lame. They all wanted to be on a t.v. show, I say the producers should make them perform. It's my understaning that the cast is being paid for this show...is this true? If so, then they should forfeit their pay if they skip a stunt/event/etc. If they skip a second event, then they should be kicked off the show. Obviously, there can be case-by-case exceptions, such as Reese going home for his Grandmom's funeral, physical illness, etc. I mean, let's be real...if I wanted to watch someone sit on a couch, I'd turn on "Big Brother" (just kidding BB fans!). I understand that someone shouldn't be forced to do something that they are uncomfortable with...in their private lives! If you want to be on a show and be a spectacle, then be the best damn spectacle you can be, or at least a cooperative spectacle!

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    So true! I heard they were paid $20,000 for 12 weeks. Nick, Ariel and Meagan's excuses are pretty lame But the CK's are the one's slacking off, and all the better. Fewer of them to ruin the experience for the Amish kids.

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