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Thread: Recap 9/08/04 – A Myriad of Excursions

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    Recap 9/08/04 – A Myriad of Excursions

    Amish in the City Recap 9/08/04 – A Myriad of Excursions

    Welcome to this week’s recap of Amish in the City! So far, we have seen the house dynamics settle into something quite predictable. Even when confronted with new experiences, the housemates have generally been merely civil to each other, and chosen to just hang with their group and let time pass. This behavior resulted in some pretty boring sequences, almost as boring as well - an Amish would be in the city (although the city kids have equally contributed to this inertness). I don’t mean to sound too negative here, but we’ve already understood that the Amish kids are still unsure about whether or not they’re going back to the Amish community, and those 2 minutes tagged on at the end of each episode are beginning to be redundant. Mose’s dry humor and the various little conflicts involving Kevan, Reese, and Nick have kept this show alive, however. Let’s hope we get other forms of entertainment this week!

    Gospel Church On Sunday, Gay Parade On Monday

    This week’s episode opens with a look at Ruth struggling with the blender. I don’t think it’s only because she’s Amish though, as I also have trouble getting some of the smaller bits properly blended. It’s a Sunday, and Miriam says that each Sunday morning, the housemates visit a church. This week, it’s a black gospel church. The Amish don’t seem to mind the drastic difference between the lively gospel church and their own, more subdued, method of conducting services. Mose is particularly affected by a preacher’s sermon regarding the role of a father in the family, because his own father died when he was twelve years old. Upon exiting the church, Mose explains that any church that makes him emotional like that must have some good points.

    That evening, Miriam and Reese have a discussion regarding gay people. Miriam says that there are no gay Amish and Reese has trouble dealing with it. I think that he begins to say he’s going to have to hit someone because of it, but he corrects himself by saying he’ll merely have to do something about it. He then shares a story about how when he was a little boy, he would sit by his mom while she put her makeup on, apparently enthralled at the process. After Miriam explains half heartedly that “people do that…”, he screams at her “yeah! gay people!” and he certainly has a point.

    Conveniently enough, the housemates are told they’ll be going to the gay parade. Ruth and Miriam both share with us that they do not agree with the gay lifestyle but are open to learning about it and talking with gay people. On the way to the parade, Kevan calls Mose “Moses” and I can’t quite figure out if he does it as an intentional nickname for Mose or as a genuine mistake. I know that if my name was Mose, I would politely ask others to call me Mose, but Mose apparently doesn’t mind (or has accepted the nickname). Once at the parade, Miriam and Ruth have a little discussion about it. They’re both obviously a little surprised at what they’re seeing, and when Miriam asks Ruth why the parading people have to do what they are doing, Ruth explains that it makes them feel better. I think she hit the nail on the head, but concerning all parades. All parades, even military ones seem to have no other function than make everyone feel good. Nick then makes a joke that we can all see coming a mile away: he interchangeably uses the word gay and happy in the same sentence.

    The Phantom Crowd

    Back at the house, tube mail tells everyone that the next morning, they will get a makeover in Beverly Hills in preparation for a movie premiere that they will be attending. After that, we get a rare sighting of Randy talking. He explains to Ruth that he’ll probably get a red Mohawk, and Ruth’s naivety comes out as she doesn’t really get the joke, but rather says “no, you’re not!” as if to say “you’re not going to, are you?” I really enjoy seeing the lack of cynicism in all these Amish kids and I think that’s one of their best qualities. They’re easy going, straight-forward, and respectful and it’s pretty obvious that so far, it’s the city kids that should be learning a thing or two at the house.

    Everyone eventually arrives at Rodeo Drive and heads into a really expensive looking salon. There, they’re all given a complete head-to-toe makeover. While the girls get their makeover, the Amish guys decide to head out on the streets of Beverly Hills. Mose attempts a cat call at a girl passing by, but only gets embarrassed giggles from his friends. After buying a $3 fruit juice, Mose and company head back to the salon while trying to figure out how to pronounce “Rodeo”. There, we see an interesting hair drier. It’s a large black halo positioned at an angle that spins around the top of your head. Randy shares with us that it’s the first time he’s seen it as I try to figure out just how efficient that thing can be. Outside, Nick asks Meagan if they’re going to get a limo and she answers with “you can’t go to a premiere in a Yukon, honey”. As we’ll see in a bit though, you can go to that premiere in a Yukon.

    The two most interesting changes from the makeover are Ruth’s and Ariel’s. Ariel’s makeover seems to me to be detriment. Her face looks broader, and she gets raccoon eyes. She shares with us that she never wears makeup, and I can understand why, as she looks just fine without it. Ruth’s makeover is also interesting – she gets a new haircut and dyed hair. Her dress is also quite flashy. After the makeover, everyone enters a limo and heads off to the premiere. On the way there, Miriam and Ruth are the most nervous about the premiere and once the limo arrives, we get a shot of Ruth hesitating about whether she should get out at all. No worries though, it’s time for a commercial so what we’re seeing is standard pre-commercial manufactured drama so you can stay tuned in.

    After the commercial break, we see everyone walking down the carpet while a crowd is roaring softly in the background. By background, I mean only the in the show’s soundtrack, because I can’t actually see any crowd gathering (other than photographers). I can imagine this show’s producers telling the editors that the premiere sequence needs more “oomph” and that they should add a looping crowd roar sound to it, so they do get points for effort. Anyhow, the movie is “The Notebook” which is apparently pretty emotional - Ruth and Mose particularly like it. After the premiere, everyone heads of to an expensive restaurant, and there they discuss the makeovers, and all agree that Ruth had the biggest change. Meagan seems to have been particularly touched by the movie because she gets up from dinner and sheds a few tears about missing her boyfriend (if you’ve watched this show enough, you know who will be coming before the end of the episode, right?). Back at home, Ruth and Miriam discuss the guys in the house. The comments aren’t very flattering: “Kevan’s too much of a talker”, “Nick’s hot but whatever” (backhanded compliment, I guess), “there’s the gay guys”, “Mose has got too much hair”, “Jonas – nevermind”, “then there’s Randy, he’s weird.”

    Kevan and Mose then discuss how much Mose has changed. Kevan thinks that Mose is the most likely to go back to the Amish. I agree with him. I think that Mose is really good at knowing how much “fitting in” he needs to do to keep those around him content; but when it comes down to it, his interest outside of the Amish community lie in things he finds interesting and is curious about, such as science etc, not the actual city lifestyle. Mose says he’s learned to feel comfortable with who he is, but I think he’s been that way for quite a while.

    Mose’s Singing Gives Me The Blues

    The next sequence shows Reese getting a phone call from his mother. She immediately tells him that his grandmother died. He is distraught and crying and gets an evening off from the house to go visit his family. Down the tube comes some tube mail and everyone learns they’re going to be listening/playing to some blues music. That evening they head to an empty blues club where they get front seats to a performance by a blues guitar player. After they get a little information about what blues is, Nick is invited to get on stage and join for some guitar playing. Nick is pretty good and definitely holds his ground. Afterwards, Mose is invited to sing on stage. I must admit that I was cringing while he was singing, not because he’s a bad singer (which he kind of is) but because I know I would also perform horribly if I was up there. Singing the blues doesn’t sound easy at all. After everyone gets a good laugh, Mose thankfully wraps it up.

    The following morning, Reese returns from his home still feeling bad. I’m happily reminded that Whitney isn’t getting much airtime this episode as I notice her hugging Reese. After Reese’s return sequence, we see someone we’ve never seen before enter the house and ask for Meagan. At this point, I pat myself on the back for predicting that Meagan’s boyfriend will make an appearance (a light pat because it wasn’t that much of a stretch…well the prediction wasn’t, but the patting was). Will Meagan emit shrill, joyful cries and hug her boyfriend as soon as she sees him? Why yes, she will! His name is Nino and we get the standard “oh my god my boyfriend is here.” The only thing that’s out of the norm is his meeting with Kevan (who flirted with Meagan at the beginning of the show). Kevan says that it wasn’t awkward for him but that he thinks it was awkward for Meagan. Ruth is apparently misunderstanding Meagan’s relationship with her boyfriend because she thinks Meagan grabbed this boyfriend after she sampled the guys in the house. She has the chronology wrong but she’s right in principle – either way you work it, she was flirting with Kevan while having a boyfriend. Ruth is asked by the boyfriend if her boyfriend has come to visit her from Ohio, which isn’t a very good question to ask because 1. it isn’t very likely he’ll come from Ohio just to visit her and 2. she possibly misses him and doesn’t like to be reminded of their separation.

    Next up on the agenda is a Los Angeles comedy club. Meagan and Nino take the evening off to catch up on their lost time, in a physical way. They’re not missing much though because the comic at the club doesn’t sound very funny. Oh sure, we get shots of the housemates laughing but they’re mostly laughing to be polite and because it’s easier to laugh when everyone around you is laughing (and everyone too could be laughing to be polite). One of his routines is that Hebrew and Hip Hop go hand in hand because “Oy” is just “Yo” backwards. Oy. He then makes a gay imitation (he imitates a gay man) and that about wraps up his TV show time. I hope that wasn’t his best material.

    Don’t Kiss While Skydiving

    It’s time for Nino to go and waddya know? Meagan doesn’t want him to go and of course, her relationship is stronger, and “he is – there’s no words – he’s just an amazing guy” etc.. etc… The next morning tube mail tells them it’s time to visit a Synagogue. (They’re really cranking out the trips this episode, aren’t they?) Imagine the housemates’ visit to the Mosque, or their talk with the Hare Krishna rep, change the setting and the person they’re chatting with, and you’ve basically imagined this morning’s trip. Everyone apparently takes a liking to the Rabbi and everyone enjoys the trip.

    More tube mail – the housemates are going sky diving. Immediately, Meagan and Ruth are scared of going and express their concern. Have no fear though, they’re going to an indoor skydiving facility. They basically get in a hexagon shaped room that shoots very swift winds upwards and lets you “fly”. It looks pretty fun, and everyone gets their turn. The highlight is Ruth’s bumping her nose on the glass as she tried to kiss it. Oh, and there’s some really wild electric guitar music going on in the background. Well I’m not sure what the highlight is any more. The skydiving or the music?

    We then get the standard Amish in the City chat between two Amish that ask each other if they’re going back and both say they don’t know. This time, it’s Ruth and Miriam. The next morning, the most important of all tube mails arrives. Everyone finds out they’re going to Amish country to see how the other half live. The credits roll and the episode ends. Bahm. Well, I actually never considered this possibility even though looking back now, it looks pretty obvious that they’d do this. In any case, that wraps this week’s show up. Come back next week for an episode of “City in the Amish” – well no, that doesn’t make sense.

    Send any questions, comments, complaints, thoughts, or ramblings to zaius@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Great recap, Zaius!

    So nice to have a week without much of Whitney.
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    Thanks for the amusing and detailed recap! I live near Orlando and our local UPN affiliate has been off the air since the last hurricane. Apparently they lost their tower or something. I set my TiVo for Wednesday night's airing and got nothing - tried again for last night's repeat and still nada. I Googled and found your forum - yay!!!

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    I thought their makeovers looked really good! Ruth looked so different!

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