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Thread: Recap 8/25/04 – The Wrath of Whitney

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    Quote Originally Posted by geekgirl
    . I wonder if there's a button on the remote to mute just one person....

    On top of that, Whitney's voice could peel paint. Good God, it's like fingernails on a blackboard, a window being squeegeed, and a billy goat at dinner time -- and that's when she isn't po'd.
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    Great job, Zaius.

    After reading the re-cap... I'm not sure I even want to watch tonight. Listening to them all whine moan and complain is not my idea of relaxing.
    If it weren't for Mose...

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    Quote Originally Posted by azsk8fan
    I had Whitney pegged as a fat lazy a$$ b#$ch from the beginning of the show so she hasn't dropped at all for me...just stayed as I originally perceived her. She is so bossy and lazy...makes me really dislike her more and more with each episode.

    yes I think you had her pegged from day one

    It was heartwarming to see her help out so much when they were making dinner and putting up/taking down the tent though. And by help out I mean charging around in circles screeching orders at the Amish guys....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaius
    Reese then tells Mose that everything he’s said behind his back, he’s said directly to his eyeballs, a statement which completely confuses me.
    You're not the only one. :rolleyes

    Great recap, thanks for keeping me up to date on this drama fest. (I always forget to watch it.)

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    Yea that statement confused me too. Reese does a lot of back stabbing.

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