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Thread: 8/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by touque
    I'm not sure about Mose, but I think Randy will go back to be sure.

    And if Ruth goes back so will Jonas.
    I can't believe everyone is talking about the Nick/Ariel pair up when I feel the best moment of the night was Jonas letting Ruth know he had feelings for her.
    He nervously rocked back on the floor as he asked if she was going back to the Amish and then said, loosely quoted, "when you go back, I'm coming." The look of surprise on her face and was so cute! And the sweet smile he had when she stated "I'll be sure to let you know..."
    Loves it! What a great pair they are.
    I believe what Jonas meant is when Ruth gets baptized then Jonas will come to the church service. It is a common courtesy that the Amish youth do for each other to show support in joining the church.

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    Maybe I'm reading more into it... but, I guess we'll see.

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    Yes we will!

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