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Thread: Article from "The Budget" Amish Newspaper

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    budget article

    Quote Originally Posted by libra2680
    That article blew my mind...I used to be an amish teenager and I know first hand what goes on during that time period. He made it sound like amish teens are angels and these five are complete heathens with no amish morals at all. Let me tell you the amish teens get into so much "worldly trouble" even I was shocked at times by what I saw while in my own "rumspringa". The girls wear bikinis any chance they get at local swimming pools or lakes, lots of kids do drugs of some form or another, some heavy users and some light. Most of them smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol every weekend, (usually enough to get drunk once or twice during the weekend) they drive drunk, lots of them are sexually active the list goes on and on. No matter what this pompous supposed "christian" mennonite man wrote in his article, don't let it fool you...he is way off base. No amish person would ever write a letter like that and publish it in a newspaper. Their basic faith is to turn the other cheek and not revert to name calling and public slandering. I am sure these 5 amish families are appalled, ashamed, and humiliated about this letter. You see 95% of all amish people subscribe to the budget and read it weekly. This man definitely severed the ties even further of them ever going back to the amish. I grew up in the same amish community that Jonas did and still have amish family that lives there. If you listened closely to the initial intro of Jonas he said he is from Jamesport MO. His bio says he's from Iowa because that is where his parents now live. His family used to live next door to one of my sisters in MO. Anyway as an ex-amish woman myself, I just had to give my opinion on this article. The sad thing to me is ...most amish people are going to read that article and believe it because they can't see the show first hand. Too bad that one angry and jealous mennonite man can ruin the reputation of these amish kids so easily.
    I am with you "past amish teenager". I grew up in the area where Miriam is from. My friends work at the Budget. The Amish in the area and the Mennonites do not want anything BAD said about them at all because it will ruin their "godly image" and their tourist money. I grew up mennonite and my parents left the amish 1 yr before I was born. I know that these kids are typical amish young people. There are different types just like in any lifestyle and background, but this is not over the edge of reality at all. I partied with Amish all my life and my ex husband and his parents are Amish. My husband is not a "member". It is very difficult for anyone that hasn't "walked in our shoes" to be able to fully understand this. I think the Amish kids will come out the winners. We are real and genuine and basically good people. I moved to CA and I find all the time that new friends and people I meet are so impressed with my sweet and genuine personality and my common sense.
    Budget article ?==== fans of Amish Reality ==== don't let it confuse you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missymess
    The Budget is not available online to be able to cut and paste.
    I hand typed it. Sorry if there were typos. Do not blame the writer for them.
    Sorry. I guess that makes sense. Again, sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekgirl
    Wow you typed all that?! Thanks, really appreciate it. It was a good read.
    Thanks. Since the Budget is the paper read by all the Amish, I thought people on this board might be interested to hear what was being written. I should have proof read it first, but for some reason I didn't.

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    We'll be going camping in Ohio Amish Country soon (Mohican area) and I was wondering if and where I could easily pick up a copy of The Budget. I'd enjoy reading it, I think. Amish country is just down the road from where we'll be - Berlin, Sugarcreek, etc. Would any store in the area have it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by sahm_Bev
    We'll be going camping in Ohio Amish Country soon (Mohican area) and I was wondering if and where I could easily pick up a copy of The Budget. I'd enjoy reading it, I think. Amish country is just down the road from where we'll be - Berlin, Sugarcreek, etc. Would any store in the area have it?

    Any kind of amish or mennonite owned store would definitely sell it and possibly even others in the area but your best bet is an amish bakery, grocery, gift shop etc.
    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke
    interesting article ... and it kinda reflects some of my concerns that i expressed on this board during the first episode. i found it very hard to believe that these kids were brand new to the "world" ... they were way too comfortable and familiar ...... swearing.
    I live in an area with a sizable Amish population and have done business with some of them. They swear just like the rest of the world.

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    Did someone mention this author is from another religion?

    Because when I first read this, I thought it was written by one of the Amish elders or something like that but since they can't watch TV, I was a little confuzzled.

    I think I get it now.
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    The author of this article suffers from the same thing many parents suffer from. Amish community, or Atheist community, parents often have a nack for denying what's right in front of their eyes.

    "My kid doesn't do drugs," they'll claim proudly, "he never swears and she hasn't ever had a sexual thought in her entire life, they bathe in the dark!"

    And while they're saying it their children sneak out of the house to experience life as much as they are able to experience it. There are boundaries, but children are hardly ever the saints parents make them out to be.
    There are so many things that parents don't see, because they don't want to see them, that it's often frightening to come to the conclusion that the louder people deify their children, the more rotten those brats really are.

    So whenever I hear a parent, or a spokesperson, claim that their children, or their 'regular' teens, wouldn't ever behave in a manner that they find unbecoming or unwanted, I have to roll my eyes and wonder what those children are really like and what they've already gotten away with.

    I'm not surprised to hear that Amish teenagers indulge in behaviour that is so destructive and extreme, even by our modern-standards, during Rumspringa, because it only proves that by keeping someone in a box, never allowing a person to really deal with freedoms given, or even personal responsibilities in combination with freedom, you create the most unstable of characters.
    They can't deal with the freedom we enjoy in the normal world, so they're very likely to fall into several traps once they gain the ability to enjoy every single virtue and vice that the modern world is rich with.

    I was raised very freely, I could smoke and drink, even do drugs, premarital sex, my parents hardly ever forbade me from doing something. They did however teach me to be responsible, to think about what I'm going to do and what the consequences are.
    So I didn't drink, I didn't smoke and premarital sex almost scares me in this day and age of STD's. I always kept in mind the outcome of an action. Smoking was expensive, and I never got a kick out of it, I never thought it was cool, and I knew that it could lead to an addiction and lung-cancer. Drinking is something I saw my friends do, and after realizing that drunk people look dangerously stupid, I made a choice to never put myself in such a horribly emberassing position, besides, like nicotine, alcohol is addictive, and not exactly healthy.

    Now my friends on the other hand, were raised with very strict rules. They couldn't drink, couldn't smoke, and sex was something that didn't exist. Needless to say they drank more than I could ever do, they smoked and I'm pretty sure two out of three got an STD, a harmless one, but still.

    The things you forbid your children to do are the most attractive things for them to indulge in.

    This man shouting that they're already a corrupted bunch has no idea what his kids do when they're out of his sight.

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    I guess i always chose my own path, i didn't believe that my parents knew what was best for me. Seeing as they wanted for me what they what they wanted, not cosidering me or my feelings. That's how i've always chosen my own path, they don't know and didn't ever really know what could've been better for me.
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