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Thread: Is Amish In The City Fake?

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    I am sure that there were a lot of staged scenes in the show. It is TELEVISION. If they staged Mose's near drowning, so what? Not meaning to be rude, but Mose may have nearly drowned and in the seconds that all of that took place, the cameras might have missed some of that drama. TV is supposed to also entertain as well as show reality. I am not offended that some of the scenes might have been staged. One should approach the show knowing that there are a lot of staged things, but that this is a story of live kids and live activities whether filmed or not. Oh, and by the way, Jonas is not an actor. If he is, he is a poor actor.....really poor. So is Randy. Actors, I don't think so. But, I think that Randy, if he got his teeth fixed, could have a good shot at modeling. Did you see his naturally muscled body? Yes, there were some staged scenes, but "life is a stage and all the world its players".
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