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Thread: what happens to Amish Parents?

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    what happens to Amish Parents?

    What is the effect on the Amish parents when and if their child decides to stay in the world? I would love to see some data or articles on the subject.

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    from what I gather if the child decides not to return to their community they are excommunicated from their church and they never see their family again. Pretty harsh when your life has been all about your family for the length of your entire life.
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    I have a friend that left his Amish family many years ago. He does go visit, but it is very seldom. He tells about driving his new jeep to show his father and his father brought out his tractor and towed the jeep off the property to the road. I am sure back when the Amish first came here, it was their law to shun (never speak) to the one who leaves the fold, but maybe there has been some leeway granted.
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    While I have nothing but respect for the Amish way of life and their traditions...it's just harsh to shut out your children.
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