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Thread: Recap 8/4/04 – A Lot of Horsing Around

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    I loved that they went to see Arrested Development. They were exposed to a type of music that they would never otherwise have been. A/R's positive without being exclusively "Christian" music. I continue to feel that the city kids were selected with the intent of driving the Amish back home. They are whiney brats. Couldn't they have found some people who the amish might see as being examples of what they might be able to be if they weren't amish. Oh wait, this is a "reality" TV show, they have to have loud self-centered idiots as counter point to the Amish, to insure "Good TV".
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    Thanks for the the re-cap Zaius! Great read!

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    I was all ready to watch the show last night, it was even advertised. Then they put on an old episode of Malcolm in the Middle instead. Aargh.

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    "Meagan’s inner turmoil concerns lifestyle and what being a “good Christian” means to her.....continuing being Amish will be made for her through God."

    zaius, i think you need to change this paragraph, too, to miriam!

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