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Thread: What would you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnsbaby
    they have the same choices and opportunities in this world as you do. it's their choice not to do certain things. if these things are what they wanted to do,then they could just go and do them, they wouldn't need anyones help. they aren't encino man.
    I suppose that this is true during Rumpspringa, but I recall hearing that most don't travel that far from their home communities and they most likely wouldn't know that many people who could show them a broad spectrum of what life's like outside the environment where they grew up, though I suppose that they might be able to contact those who have left the Amish community...not sure how hard that would be since those who leave are shunned.

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    i live in portage county ohio and ther are amish people by the van load (not theirs, but someone paid to drive them) at the grocery stores and wal- mart every day. they aren't sequestered. they know what is out there.

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    I agree I think taking them to a amusement park is a good idea. It would be fun to watch them on the rides They woul be terrified.

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