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Thread: 7/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by GingerLVNV
    I think this Reese guy has a LOT of issues other than his rudeness. I think he is the type of guy that needs to be the center of attention and with the Amish twist he is definately not. I was floored at his third grade "hit a boy because I like him" actions, I'm actually surprised that the powers that be did not kick Kevan and Reese out after that fight.

    Anyway, I kind of like this show, I also watched the documentary on a while ago (60 minutes??) on rumspringa and found it all so fascinating. I'd much rather watch just the Amish exploring, it seems they have enough drama between themselves anyway.
    Reese seems to be a bit unbalanced. Or maybe that he carries a chip on his shoulder. Don't know, it's too early to tell with the cast. The city kids were pretty ignorant in this first episode. I'm hoping by the end of the series, they become more likable. I'm sure the producers selected them because they demonstrated their immaturity and self-absorption during the screening process. The producers know they had to cast folks who were likely to create drama. I cringed at their insensitive comments, but let's face it, the show wouldn't be as interesting if the city kids were sensitive, accepting, evolved individuals who sat around the fireplace, roasting marshmellows, and singing kum-baya with the Amish.

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    I too hope that the city-kids will fare better in future episodes. The whole time I was so upset for the poor Amish kids and kept thinking that that they were probably thanking the Lord that they weren't that immature, selfish, rude, obnoxious and self-absorbed. All of the Amish kids came off so....decent.

    It is funny that so many Amish were in an uproar over this being a bad depiction of them when the reality is the opposite. Maybe the Liberal, vegan, shopaholic, love- everyone-but-conservatives group should come out griping about how this show is a bad depiction of their children!

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    I think the producers found the "city kids" by rummaging through the dumpster over at MTV for tapes from all the rejects who applied to be on "The Real World". They really are awful but it does make the contrast between the two groups that much greater which makes the show more interesting.

    Was anyone else skeptical?? I spent most of the show trying to decide whether or not the "Amish kids" were really Amish (and not just "playing one on TV") Their accents (with the exception of Randy) seemed to get stronger as the show went on. Having lived in the PA Dutch country "wunst" I thought I knew about the Amish -- apparently Amish aren't the same everywhere. I will definitely keep watching -- I can't wait to see what Ruth and Whitney are yelling at one another about!

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    Ariel is a genetic warning to all of the parents that dropped acid in the 60's and 70's. Remember all of the flashbacks they promised you? Guess what, your kids inherited them . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jobob
    amish is airing again on friday at 8 so you can see the first 20 min you missed
    Thanks for the tip. Now I see how badly the city kids overreacted to the Amish people standing at the front door. How embarassing for us city folk.

    For all her flakiness, Ariel isn't completely out of her mind in saying that cows come from outer space. There is a theory that life on Earth may have originated from DNA samples foreign to the planet. It's only a theory, but anything's possible.
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    I thought the city kids' first response to the Amish was rude, but not surprising, and not because I have some bias against city kids in general.

    The city kids didn't flip out until they found out the Amish would be living with them. Clearly, they weren't told what the real premise of the show was, so they were probably expecting Real World or Big Brother, hanging out with a peer group thing. Then this bunch of people shows up in rather stiff attire. The new people come from a group which, if not for this series, many of us would associate with a buttoned-up non-party lifestyle. It's like going to spring break and discovering your parents will be sharing your hotel room, and tagging along everywhere you go. What would your reaction be ? I'm betting there would be some serious bitching and moaning there.

    Kevan and Meagan seem very decent at heart. Ariel too, but she's been fed some serious misinformation, and is the equivalent of a religious fanatic about her veganism. Whitney is probably a decent kid too, but a bit ghetto. Nick is like Whitney, but Boston ghetto. (I've known both their types, and while they may come across abrasive on the surface, they really do mean well.) Reese is a jerk, which I associate more with his Mississippi upbringing than his two years in WeHo. The smelly sock thing seems more a southern belle drama queen thing than a catty gay thing. (The catty gay thing is to talk dirt to/about people, not have a physical confrontation.)

    I find all the Amish to be very decent folk (except for Jonas, who seems to have a major chip on his shoulder - he may turn out to be the Amish Reese). Miriam seems pretty cool, and is interested in experiencing more than a traditional woman's role. It was really great how Ruth didn't make a big deal or get weirded out about Reese being gay and wearing makeup. And her and Mose's openness to and appreciation of the new experiences was truly touching.

    Some things I've learned about the religion through this show which I really like:

    They don't try to indoctrinate/brainwash/force their children into their religion from youth (ie. they're Anabaptist), preferring that they make the decision as informed adults (although the shunning and damnation things would kind of qualify as emotional blackmail).

    They encourage their children to discover as much as they want about other points of view through rumspringa, which can be as long as they need, and they'll still be able to go back as they long as they don't formally denounce.

    They don't try to make anyone else live by the rules of their faith. And they don't try to force their religion onto others politically. (They are big on separation of church and state.)

    They are big on humility and anti-materialism.

    Too bad most of the above can't be said for certain other religious groups in this country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHC
    What would your reaction be ? I'm betting there would be some serious bitching and moaning there.
    Bitching and moaning about living with a new group of people after already agreeing to live with a bunch of strangers on a TV show? Amish - no. Convicted hardcore unrehabilitated criminals - maybe, but never to their faces.

    Are the Amish allowed to get braces? I thought Miriam had really nice teeth (of course, it could be wholly due to genetics).

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    Quote Originally Posted by LizardKing
    Are the Amish allowed to get braces? I thought Miriam had really nice teeth (of course, it could be wholly due to genetics).

    The Amish could never afford braces, whether they wanted them or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LizardKing
    Bitching and moaning about living with a new group of people after already agreeing to live with a bunch of strangers on a TV show? Amish - no.
    But that wasn't really my question. The average person, for whom being on a Real World type show isn't something they'd be interested in, would probably not have much issue with living with Amish versus other strangers. But if you're the type to even sign up for TV shows like this, I would think your mindset would be more like "PARTY TIME, DUDE !". That's why I brought up the parents tagging along on spring break analogy. How would the average college student react to having their parents with them 24/7 during spring break ?

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    Xantham Gum
    Some random thoughts:

    That is a bizarre voice that Randy has, he makes Michael Jackson sound like James Earl Jones.

    When Mose was telling the Boston loudmouth about his puzzles and inventions and asking if he was interested in those kinds of things and he got an incredulous "not really" response, and the disappointed Mose just replied "oh, well because I brought a lot of those.." it kind of broke my heart. I was really worried this creative and sensitive square peg would be the butt of much derision and sniggering from the tragically hip airheads of the house for his interests that are quaint and introverted. I was glad to see him taking their patronizing humor at his expense with good will but I think they are laughing at him and not with him. The insensitive mocking after his near-drowning didn't help me feel any better.

    I also have a problem with all these shows that have the twentysomething males always trying to change the one guy in the house who has not been Queer-Eyed yet and the need they have to get rid of his chest hair or leg hair or both. Here is some news for you "city" men: REAL MEN have hair on lots of their body and are not ashamed of it and they don't care about fashion or how out of style they look, so all you club-hopping, style-conscious metrosexuals stop trying to turn the rest of us into women because if you ask females in this society, I bet most would love the option to stop all that extra shaving and worrying about what to wear and can't imagine why men would want to inflict all that extra work on themselves that they have been able to avoid all these years.

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