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Thread: Reese, City Dweller

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carin
    How can you say that? This is the guy who ran screaming from the Amish when they first arrived, didn't want to let them in and said he couldn't deal with them until they changed their clothes.
    I used to not like Reese, but I've gained a lot of respect for him ever since the group went to the center for the handicapped. And from then on, he did an aboutface. He helped Miriam get ready for her birthday dinner, and he willingly helped Jonas out with his GED essay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jer2911
    seems like a drama queen

    /not too surprising

    He's what the homosexuals would call a 'nellie' ...they don't like nellies because they give all gay people a bad rap........drama queen for sure and why is it that most homosexual guys don't have to 'come out'.....all one has to do is LOOK at them......their persona screams GAY.......before they even open their mouth....definitely something they're born with......not a choice at all.

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    His volunteer work aside, he's shallow, vain, catty and frequently meanspirited. Especially after the 8/18 episode, I'm liking him less and less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grok
    In the competition to find the Hollywood stars on this week's episode, shouldn't have Reese been on the girl's team? l'm just sayin'.
    So true!

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    This guy is an embarassment, he is soooo happy that everyone was gracious and "nonjudgemental" of his "boyfriend" :phhht and he wasn't even to empathetic for one second toward the Amish.

    Tolerance, acceptance, and understanding is only used to benefit his life.

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    Reese makes me feel uncomfortable.

    You've got extravagant... and you've got Reese. Reese is like a leech, he clings to every bit of attention he can get. He doesn't walk, he parades. It's weird that he's a homosexual, because he really seems to dislike men. He's hardly seen bonding with the other males in the house, he seems to identify himself with the women, knowing fully well he isn't one of them.

    I'm not saying that he wants to be a woman.

    He's a flashy little drama-queen. A reject from the Real World. You know, they throw in the token-gay guy every now and again, I'm pretty sure Reese applied for the position but got turned down because of his painful flamboyancy.
    Jack from Will&Grace is less extravagant than Reese, and that's a character who's supposed to symbolize people like Reese.

    No Reese wanted to get into the world of showbiz, and he has tried it before, this show needed the most extravagant and extreme characters, so they chose Reese.

    Reese would never turn down a camera or a minute in the spotlights.

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