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Thread: Randy

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    I'm starting to really like Randy and feel some empathy for him. He can't help that his voice never changed and maybe that's why he doesn't talk much.

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    I found him very endearing. I think the city kids were so rude and off-base yelling at him to talk. He's a big, soft-spoken, shy, overwhelmed kid from the farm. He doesn't know what to say. He's not used to shouting his way into a conversation. They took his silence as hostility or rudeness, never considering that Randy is really just a gentle soul who needs to be drawn out, one on one, with sensitivity. He'd probably have plenty to say, if someone actually wanted to listen. Poor guy.

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    I really liked the way he was interacting with the handicapped people last night. I thought that maybe brought him out of his shell a little.

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    I'm not surprised Randy is soft-spoken. People can be very cruel.

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    "I think it is a lack of flouride in the drinking water."

    Have to disagree with you there Formerly, Flouride is actually bad for you, at least in the high doses us Americans use, see it changes the composition of your teeth making them softer. We're pumping it in our water, toothpastes, food, etc and it causes mottling of the teeth and bones and actually browns teeth! so if you're a non-smoker/caffeinated person with off-colored teeth, it's the flouride! Not to mention the number of deaths it's caused. . .

    Off-topic, but something dear to me.

    On-topic, i like Randy the least of the Amish, there is just something off about him, maybe it was the whole miriam business

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    Maybe he doesn't like to talk much b/c he's missing some teeth? Poor guy.

    Randy's voice isn't annoying at all. I've heard worse.

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    He reminds me a bit of Woody Harrelson

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    Another pic of Randy. No denying he is nice to look at. Those eyes!

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    Peronally, I think he looks like Luke Perry

    He is such a cutie! I also feel that he's selfconsious about this teeth, hence the quite, shy personality. I also think that there may be something more that he's keeping a secret...
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    It was painful to watch everyone confront Randy about his quietness. This was probably the worst approach they could have taken to get him to open up. If you sincerely want to communicate with someone as shy and quiet as Randy, please don't point out how quiet and shy they are. Believe me, they already know way better than anyone else.

    No doubt Mose has no trouble communicating with Randy. His patient and low key approach is the only way to help the shy person get comfortable enough to start talking.

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