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Thread: Mose

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    Quote Originally Posted by maersk
    i live in southwest michigan, and there are a LOT of amish around the area (well not really around kalamazoo,where i live, but further south and east though) and ive never once seen an amish construction worker, so yea, i guess its a regional thing.
    They are everywhere.....you just don't see them all the time because they work outside of their communities as well. Next to factory work, carpentry and farming, construction is the next most popular job among the young amish men. Go just a little farther south and you will see some and if you want to see a lot of them go to the Shipshewana/Middlebury area.

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    well theres essenhaus........ (shipshewanna)

    good eats to be had there =)

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    I miss Mose! It's been a week, for crying out loud! :rolleyes

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    Huon of Oz
    I agree with everything said here about Mose. It is actually quite depressing to think that the rest of us have missed out on something that the Amish seem to wear on their sleeves: integrity! In the first few weeks of the show the city kids proved themselves somewhat to be rude and arrogant, selfish and inconsiderate, and devoid of any perception of themselves. The Amish outshone them without even trying. The premise that the only true modern life of any value lies in city sophistication has been debunked.
    Mose, as one of the city kids said, is a real trip.... a fascinating man who would be on my list of interesting dinner guests, and my Christmas card list as well!

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