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Thread: Jonas

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    Name: Jonas

    Occupation: Construction worker

    Background: Jonas was raised in a strict Old Order manner in Iowa. Sharp, independent and confident, he enjoys riding horses, playing pool and reading. A self-described "bad boy," Jonas completed his traditional Amish education with 8th grade and was at the top of his class.

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    I love this guy. He seems so sweet. =)

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    Okay, He's my favorite, though I luv all the Amish on this show. I however, dislike the "city kids" and their rudeness.

    Jonas seems to be able to go straight to the point on telling others how he feels and all the power to him. I do admire him confronting the "city kids" on their gossipy natures. I hope the "city kids" learn from the Amish rather than the other way around because it could make the world a nicer place to live!!!!

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    I agree with you Marimom, I really like Jonas. I have the feeling that he'll probably chose the city lifestyle after all this. He seems to care about his fellow Amish I enjoy his attitude, he seems to be willing to adapt to everything.

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    I liked the way Jonas stood up for the Amish kids. Good for him. I'm just curious as to what he means when he says he's a "bad-boy" in his community. Is he really a trouble-maker by our standards, or just not as much as a conformist to the ways of his strict Old Order community as they would like?

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    I am with you all on how he spoke up to the city kids. I see him choosing city life as well.

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    I so fell in love with this guy during the last episode. How his father always insulted him, he craved education to prove him wrong, how he'd love to go to highschool, thought he'd be a good ballplayer, and thought a GED was like a degree, he just seems like a great person trying to figure out his life and learn about the world, If he needs a place to stay, my door is open!

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    I've been wondering why he seems to carry a chip on his shoulder. Playing amateur psychologist, I would think his dad's steady diet of calling him stupid would contribute to that chip.

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    Jonas to stay in the City?

    I think Jonas is most likely to stay in the City after the show, if only to get an education. I don't think he likes how the City folk treat people, but I also think he really craves more education, which he can't get back with the Amish.

    Of the guys, I think Mose and Randy will go back, Jonas will stay. Of course, I may change my mind as the series progresses...


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    I think most parents try to do their best for their children, but alot of times they end up scarring their children deeply, though unintentionally. Jonas' desire for more education is probably taken by his father as a threat to him and his way of life. Calling him stupid is his way of denying the reality and trying to get Jonas to back off on the education thing. Kids internalize these messages from their parents and it is extremely difficult for them to fully realize that the messages have nothing to do with them, and everything to do with their parents fears, insecurities and frustrations.

    I pray Jonas can come to understand and forgive his father. I know he wants to prove to his father that he's not stupid, but it's likely his father will never acknowlege his intelligence, so I hope that Jonas can get on with his life anyway.

    So much for my amateur psychology..

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