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Thread: Amish Get's Good Reviews

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    I wasn't going to watch this show until I heard my morning radio d.j.'s talking about how good it was and how surprised they were about how good it was. I was glad that UPN reapeated the premiere last night. I recorded it and just finished watching it this morning. I have never watched the Real World and I thought it would be like that, but with the Amish people thrown in. I have so much respect for Mose, Ruth, Miriam and Jonas ( not so much Randy ). I hope the idiot city kids get their act together before the end of the show. They have their moments where you think they are getting "it", but then somebody like Kevan ( who I thought was a good one ) goes and blows it with his mocking of Mose's near drowning at the beach. I look forward to next week's show.

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    I always thought amish people fascinating. I truly can not imagine going without my hair dryer, lipstick, and my microwave oven. All the nicety's that make living more convenient. Perhaps thats why I feel so interested in them. I havent watched it yet but I plan to. I have watched that documentary "The Devils Playground" by two of the producers of this show. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is enjoying this show. It is an extremely riveting look at rumspringa!
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    Zada Rose

    The Amish Rock

    These young people who have come from Amish communities are wonderful examples to all our young people today. I hope our kids watch and listen for the valuable ethics they can learn.

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    I always thought that Mose, Miriam, Ruth, Johanas and Randy were all a big family!!until the Miriam and Randy thing happened!!

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    I'm so proud of the Amish kids for sticking up for themselves when the city kids try to put them down. Ruth and Jonas are so sweet and Mose is just being himself.

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