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Thread: 11 cast members announced

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    11 cast members announced


    Series Premieres with Special Two-Hour Episode,
    Wednesday, July 28 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT)

    AMISH IN THE CITY, UPN's new reality series, will provide a unique look into the Amish journey of discovery, known as rumspringa, through five young adults who have chosen to venture out of their spiritually devout, rural communities to experience life in the big city, with six roommates from various metropolitan areas. The series premieres with a special two-hour episode, Wednesday, July 28 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN.

    AMISH IN THE CITY will follow the stories of five Amish young adults and their six roommates from diverse backgrounds as they come to Los Angeles and learn to live with each other in an ultra-modern Hollywood Hills home. This one-hour weekly series chronicles how relationships develop and viewpoints collide in a house shared by young people from very different cultures, while also introducing viewers to the intensely personal Amish coming-of-age experience, called rumspringa (a Pennsylvania Dutch word loosely translated as "running wild"). During this religious rite of passage, young Amish men and women are allowed to leave their homes to explore the outside world, until they decide whether or not they want to join the Amish church and be welcomed back into their families or stay in the outside world.

    The five Amish roommates are:

    Name: Jonas
    Occupation: Construction worker
    Background: Jonas was raised in a strict Old Order manner in Iowa. Sharp, independent and confident, he enjoys riding horses, playing pool and reading. A self-described "bad boy," Jonas completed his traditional Amish education with 8th grade and was at the top of his class.

    Name: Miriam
    Occupation: Waitress and hotel maid
    Background: One of 13 children, Miriam was brought up in a religious family on an 80-acre farm in Ohio, growing corn and raising animals. Her father is a bishop, her brother is a deacon and her uncle is a pastor of the church. She attended a traditional two-room school until 8th grade.

    Name: Mose
    Occupation: Construction worker, former teacher
    Background: Mose grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, working the fields and laboring in the family sawmill. Raised in a strict Old Order manner, he taught school in his community for three years. Intellectual, mature and artistic, he invents and constructs gadgets and toys in his spare time, often giving them as gifts to friends and family.

    Name: Randy
    Occupation: Construction worker
    Background: Randy is one of seven children raised on an 80-acre corn farm in Indiana. As with Amish custom, Randy grew up without electricity in his home or a car; instead, he customized his horse-drawn buggy. Well-mannered and easy-going, he is very athletic. He attended a two-room school through 8th grade and worked on his farm before moving into construction.

    Name: Ruth
    Occupation: Factory worker
    Background: The oldest girl of 13 children, Ruth was raised on a farm in Ohio in an Old Order manner. Cute and energetic, she had numerous duties on the farm as well as inside the home. She was schooled through 8th grade and is eager to explore the world outside her community. Ruth loves music and playing the harmonica.

    The six city roommates are:

    Name: Ariel
    Occupation: Waitress
    Background: From Los Angeles, Ariel was raised vegan and still leads a strict vegan lifestyle. Vocal in her views, she asserts, "Everything that is bad in this world right now is directly related to meat, I think, because it creates this horrible anger in the body." She also practices yoga and meditation. Currently working at a raw food restaurant, she is contemplating attending college. Adventurous, she has traveled extensively through Costa Rica.

    Name: Kevan
    Occupation: Sales
    Hometown: From Las Vegas, Kevan recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in business. Now that college is over, he is trying to decide what his next step in life should be. He comes from a small family with a Persian-Muslim father and American-Presbyterian mother. Well-rounded and funny, he is a competitive swimmer and spends time teaching kids how to swim. He also recently started playing the guitar.

    Name: Meagan
    Occupation: Freelance fashion stylist
    Hometown: A Chicago native, Meagan is funny, free-spirited and extremely ambitious. Currently pursuing a career in fashion in Los Angeles, she would like to one day own a chain of stores around the world that cater exclusively to celebrities. A cosmopolitan young woman, she sports a variety of piercings and tattoos and embraces city life.

    Name: Nick
    Occupation: Busboy/musician
    Hometown: Hailing from Boston, Nick enjoys music, particularly the blues, and loves to play guitar. Confident, outspoken and unpredictable, he is a confident flirt who loves the nightlife. Nick has tackled numerous odd jobs, including pizza deliveryman and ice cream truck driver.

    Name: Reese
    Occupation: Club promoter
    Hometown: Originally from Hattiesburg, Miss., Reese is currently a club promoter in Hollywood. Colorful and extremely extroverted, Reese works most nights. He also volunteers his time with a program that introduces performing arts to mentally disabled individuals and is in the process of finishing his bachelor's degree in the arts.

    Name: Whitney
    Occupation: College student
    Hometown: Raised primarily by her mother in Los Angeles, Whitney's positive outlook on life keeps her ambitious, levelheaded and excited about her future, despite the recent loss of her boyfriend in an unsolved drive-by shooting. She is ready for new experiences outside her inner-city community.

    From moments serious and significant to lighter and trivial, cameras catch everything as the Amish journey outside their quiet rural areas and are gradually introduced to both the delights and challenges of modern metropolitan life. At the same time, the Amish kids give their city counterparts insight into their beliefs, values and a lifestyle dedicated to faith, modesty and unadorned means.

    AMISH IN THE CITY will regularly air on Wednesday (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT).

    The executive producers are Jon Kroll ("Amazing Race," "Big Brother"), Steven Cantor ("Devil's Playground," "Family Bonds") and Daniel Laikind ("Devil's Playground," "Family Bonds"). AMISH IN THE CITY is a production of New Line Television in association with Stick Figure Productions.

    RATING: To Be Announced

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    i cant wait for this show ive been to a amish place on a school east coast trip and wow it wasnt what i expected i actully liked it the food is good!! and their life style is okay but i wouldnt want to live there they actully have electristy but its not generator kind

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    I watched "Devil's Playground," it was interesting. I admit the concept of rumspringa ( and different religions in general, actually) has always fascinated me. I'm not sure about the idea of making it a reality show, but I'll probably watch it.

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    You know this sounded like a ridiculous one-note joke when I first heard it announced a while back, but after reading this description, it actually sounds like it could be a lot more interesting and less exploitative than I initially thought. I didn't realize they had this "rumspringa" ritual (in my family it was just called "bringing shame upon our good name" ).

    I'm actually interested in watching this now.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    I didn't realize they had this "rumspringa" ritual (in my family it was just called "bringing shame upon our good name" ).
    We must be related.

    I think I'm going to check this show out. The Amish kids look sweet. And maybe the "modern" kids will get hit by modern buses.
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