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Thread: America’s Next Top Model Recap 6/3

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    Deep Dish

    America’s Next Top Model Recap 6/3

    America’s Next Top Model

    Episode Three Recap June 3, 2003

    After two rounds of eliminations, the rumpus continues. Eight contestants remain vying for the title of America’s Next Top Model. Tonight, another hopeful girl falls like a subscription card out of an issue of Marie Claire, except without the grace.

    Since the ladies’ names alone do not immediately bring to mind their faces as a Gisele, Cindy or Kate surely do, let’s once again meet our bevy of beauties (oh look, my first cliché).

    Chatting at home, the penthouse of the Flatotel in NYC, Adrianne (20) tells Elyse (20) she did not expect Katie to be eliminated. Elyse comments in her typical manner that Adrianne is “taking this competition too seriously.” Although she gave us some indication that the desire to win this contest is slowly taking grip, Elyse’s aloofness to her situation persists.

    Adrianne confesses “there’s money issues in my family and that’s why I really, really need this.”

    Cory, Act One

    Since no reality TV program is complete without the woe of love (or strategic product placement), we learn Nicole’s (22) boyfriend is a professional BMX racer (dirt bikes) named Corey. “We’re so close and we’re always together,” Nicole says “but now I’m 22 and I need to learn a little bit of independence and this is it.” Nicole sure sounds like she’s got a good head on her shoulders, right?

    Cut to five different shots of Nicole (including a cleavage-revealing front-button shirt that by this hour must be gracing middle-school boys’ hard drives across the nation) in the confessional room calling Cory. Except that Cory’s not answering. His voicemail picks up each time. Nicole’s “honey,” “baby doll,” “babe” and “pumpkin” affectionate greetings seem to be as unrequited as John Hinckley’s love notes to Jodie Foster.

    “I want to cry sometimes,” says a frustrated Nicole. Nicole, pumpkin, where’s that independence you were just talking about out? And…where is Cory anyway?

    Makeovers For All and The Reality of Hair Weaves

    The girls assemble at the Lepine Salon on 49th and Madison. I’m giving you the address because after this description, I’m sure you’ll all be flocking to see owner Kim Lepine and demand hair weaves.

    Tyra is flanked by Kim and make-up artist Jay Manuel, while introducing them to the girls. Jay is Tyra’s personal make-up artist and he looks competent. I mean, should he ever forget his supplies, he could always run his finger across his own lips, cheeks and eyebrows and presto! Well, it’ll do in a pinch.

    Tyra warns the contestants everyone is going to look different in a few hours. She and her crew have predetermined the girls’ looks and go down the line telling them what to expect. Elyse is to get a pixie haircut. Shannon will be bleached out and receive hair extensions. Adrianne will get a weave too, “sew in some locks,” as Tyra says. Robin and Kesse’s hair color is too dark for the tone of their skins so that will be addressed. Kesse, who already looks like Tyra a bit (work with me here) is also getting added hair. Curly-haired (and Cory-minded) Nicole is getting her ‘do straightened. Ebony is getting her head shaved. And just so you don’t think Tyra is an overachiever, she apparently forgot about Giselle because there’s a pause and some discussion about what to do with her. Oh yeah, some color.

    Now the models-in-training are ready to get started. Started with the complaining, that is. Nicole is in a major bind, Giselle informs us. “Nicole just paid $1,500 for extensions” right before the competition began. Jay Manuel is quite direct in telling her that “whether you like it or not, you need to do what’s good for your career.”

    “Models,” Jay says, “are canvasses and chameleons.” Robin’s complaining too and sheepishly looks at Jay, rhetorically stating, “I don’t have a choice.”

    Nicole is still griping about her soon-to-be-gone extensions and comes up with what she thinks is a good point. For a job, she’d certainly do it but “In this situation, I’m just worried I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know how far I’m going to make it.” Translation: If I get eliminated, I just spent $1,500 dollars on my hair for nothing. Adrianne tells us that Nicole complained so much that no one was happy. The hair stylist needed to cut more but Nicole insisted on less so the end result basically looked like a half-finished job.

    Here’s a breakdown of everyone’s new ‘do.

    Giselle: Cried, whined and groaned about her shorter, layered length. It looked better though.
    Elyse: “Likes hair cut, uncomfortable with color…it’s fine for now.” It too looked good.
    Ebony: Complains the hair stylist used the wrong type of clippers and about the way the woman cut her hair. I think she looked the same, before and after.
    Shannon: She’s so excited about her highlights. She looked more modern and less suburbs.
    Kesse: She’s pleased with the outcome and looked better.
    Adrianne: “Worth it!” She looks “a million times different.” Again, looks better.
    Robin: More complaining. She was very reluctant about taking her old weave out and Adrianne thought it was because she wanted the other girls to think it was all natural. Robin is a self-proclaimed diva thinking, “A diva is a lady.”

    Now, Jay Manuel trains the girls on how to apply two types of make-up, a day look and an evening look. Lessons include how to apply false eyelashes, tips like never matching the color of your eye shadow to the color of your gown and, of course, to always apply moisturizer. Ebony proudly says, “I’m a make-up artist.” This is in addition to last week’s proclamation that she’s also a singer and comedian.

    Jay leaves them all with a sobering thought: “The make-up artist is your last front to the world so you never want to piss them off because they’ll mess you up.” It’s a catty world both on and off the catwalk apparently.

    Ebony and Robin Aren’t Happy

    Back at the penthouse, Ebony is still complaining about her new shorn look. Which really isn’t anything different from what she had before, I maintain.

    “It’s very upsetting to an African-American woman to go into a salon and the person do her hair incorrectly,” she says. “A person could be violent. I could have went crazy up there. But of course that’s not in my personality.”

    The rest of the girls are fighting back tears of laughter because, unknown to Ebony, Robin is mocking every word behind her back. Ebony leaves the room even more incredulous, ranting “Tyra would not have this!”

    Robin is a lot more dour about her hair and sums it up thusly: “I look like an albino prostitute.”

    This is too good for Elyse to pass up and comments, “I completely didn’t understand Robin’s assertion that her haircut made her look like a prostitute. But then again I’m not really familiar with prostitute trends.”

    Cory, Act Two

    Nicole desperately needs her Cory, her boyfriend, and is once again calling to no avail. She ends up talking to her mother, who obviously skipped Comforting 101 in college. She tells Nicole in a high-pitched squeal, “That boy is unreachable, as usual!” Thanks, mom.

    “There’s so many things I’m avoiding thinking about,” says a worried Nicole. “My biggest fear is being dependent on somebody else and maybe not doing what I want to do.”

    Step One is realization, Nicole! Be strong! Forget Cory! There might be hope for her after all…

    The Day Look

    Jay Manuel drops by the penthouse the next morning carrying in four huge shopping bags that are overflowing with Revlon cosmetics. He’s also here to regulate.

    He tells Ebony to get over her shaved head. Then he tells Nicole to put things into perspective. If she is that hung up about her look, she’ll be toast if she has any hopes for work. “We’re not going to give that girl a $300,000 hair campaign," Jay says, “because she doesn’t want to take out her $1,500 weave.”

    As for Robin, if she does not realize by now that this is a competition, she “might as well go home and be Miss Soy Milk.”

    The girls then attack the Revlon bags like a pack of hyenas and Ebony quite loudly puts herself out as resident know-it-all.

    Super Stylin’ with Derek

    The girls are now taken on an Upper East Side tour with stylist Derek Khan. Derek is one of the more colorful characters we’re likely to encounter on reality TV. His voice is like James Earl Jones’ except more downtown funky yet completely refined.

    The purpose of this excursion is, Tyra says, to get the girls to think about their own styles by showing them the “top level of fashion in New York City.”

    The first stop is a jewelry store where the girls try on more ice (that would be “diamonds” for those of you not versed in Hip) than they’ve ever seen. Adrianne’s hands are sparkling and she says it’s “worth more than everything my immediate family’s ever owned.”

    Elyse says that, “It was fun to see obscenely expensive clothes, shoes and jewelry.”

    Derek is all about self-confidence and being bold. If a woman knows she has “a lovely cleavage, show that damn thing!” If she has “a beautiful booty, show it!” Kesse totally loves Derek and describes him as “the girlfriend you want to talk to and laugh.”

    At the Valentino boutique, Robin causes jaws to drop when she whips out the plastic and plunks down $795 for a pair of beautiful beaded go-go boots. You can’t really argue with her justification. Feet hold you up so you might as well be good to them. I’m currently barefoot as I type this.

    Now we’re at the Luca Luca (I think, it’s all such a whirlwind of activity) and the ladies are trying on garments. Yes, again it’s time for the obligatory bras, panties and less shots. This week we get a voluptuous Robin with a sash (and that’s it) over her boobs and our staple Adrianne.

    Derek moves in to assess the ladies on their outfits.

    Robin: That sash-thing she put on is backwards and upside down but Derek says, “She made it work.”
    Giselle: Derek says she looks “a little too shopping spree.”
    Kesse: In what will certainly become my new quote, Derek eloquently and elegantly states, “a top like this makes it a little hoochiefied.”

    Derek rocks!

    Make-Up Challenge: Day to Night

    Make-up artist Jay Manuel wants to see this theory turned into practice. The girls are side-by-side Kentucky Derby style and their race is to transform their faces from day to night. They’ve got 10 minutes. Ready, set, apply!!!

    Panic ensues and products fall. There’s painting, applying, rubbing, cotton-balling and mirror-checking. Time’s up!

    Jay surveys the damage.

    Ebony: “Does this look like what I did yesterday?” he asks Ebony? Plus she’s committed a cardinal sin by matching her eye shadow to her outfit! Points deducted!
    Adrianne: “Close,” Jay nods approvingly.
    Elyse: “Looking good.”
    Nicole: “You need practice.”
    Giselle: Jay asks her if she remembers what they talked about yesterday to minimize the width of her face.
    Robin: “Pretty close,” Jay says surprised. After her attitude yesterday at Lepine Salon, Jay is shocked she “actually took anything in!”
    Shannon: She put her eyelashes on back to front.
    Kesse: Jay wanted a more smoked out eye.

    The winner is Elyse and her reward is an evening at the New India House (the Indian Consulate in NYC) to meet with fashion industry movers and shakers. Jay Manuel tells her she can pick three of her fellow contestants to join her on this potentially career-making occasion. She picks Nicole and Adrianne because they helped her out with make-up supplies. For her third pick, she goes random and asks if “anyone’s mother’s maiden name starts with a ‘g’?” Irony, thy name is Robin! She raises her hand, much to Elyse’s chagrin.

    Nicole then proceeds to flush her hopes of modeling down the toilet. In quite possibly the dumbest move ever captured on reality TV, she tells Jay Manuel that she’s not feeling well and cannot go to the reward evening to the New India House. Jay sees something is rotten in Denmark (I love True Romance) and takes Nicole to task. “You don’t look deathly ill. You realize you’re turning down an opportunity?”

    But Nicole’s mind (or lack of it) is made up and she insolently tells Jay that if not going means getting eliminated, then so be it. “What are you going to do,” asks Jay. “Go back and work at Burger King?” Nicole’s body stiffens like a cat about to pounce but refrains from verbally tearing Jay a new one.

    Kesse and Elyse both think she is making a big mistake. In an effort to calm the waters, Adrianne turns to Nicole to change the subject and asks her “It doesn’t look like I have fake eyelashes on, right?”

    Nicole’s response: “Can you not talk to me about fake eyelashes? I really don’t care.”

    That was such a slap that even I felt it. I had to walk to the freezer and put a steak on my face. Adrianne says what we all know though. Nicole just wants to stay at home and talk to her boyfriend, or try to.

    At the New India House with Anand Jon and P. Diddy’s Mother

    Stylist Derek Khan leads the girls and Jay Manuel into a lavish room in the New India House. The crowd of industry big wigs is standing around much like the group from the end scene in Rosemary’s Baby. We’re introduced to socialite Count Maximilian Tucci and socialite Janice Combs. Yes, P. Diddy’s/Puff Daddy’s mother is here. What the heck her connection is to this show is mystery for Holmes and Watson.

    We also meet former fashion director of the New York Times Constance White. I suppose the current fashion director was too busy. Then, off in the distance, is the dashing designer Anand John. If you care to find out what this Indian hunk looks like, do a Google image search for “Paris and Nicky Hilton” and he’ll be the long, dark-haired guy standing between them. He’s so “it.”

    Elyse, Adrianne and Robin all try on outfits by Anand and take turns standing on the raised stage for all to assess. Adrianne wears a pretty purple sheer lace top. “If you’re a model you have to be comfortable with your body,” she says. “Here I am just boobs the entire time and I didn’t care. I hope it counts for something.”

    No worries there, Adrianne!

    Constance White says Adrianne has a sensuous sexuality. Elyse has a really good look for the runway and Derek loves that she’s thin. And once again reminding us that Robin is plus-size, she is excited because the “industry for large sizes is booming.”

    Robin is told she could be a spokesperson because she is always smiling. Elyse is once again given runway status. Adrianne is told she’s print material. All the girls are excited and it was definitely a good move for Elyse, Adrianne and Robin to be present and meet all these people.

    Cory, Act Three (The Final Act?)

    Seconds before Nicole and Cory finally talk, Nicole tells us “if none of this happens for me I think I’m going to consider getting married and start having babies.” Then we get the full-on drama.

    Nicole: “Baby, honey, I don’t’ want to argue with you. But I’m not happy with you right now. Are you partying or what’s the deal?”
    Cory: “You’re the one that needs to get a hold of me when you have a second.”
    Nicole: “I have called you every single day, four times a day, for last six days.”
    Cory: “I haven’t tried to call you at all.”
    Nicole: “Cory, you’re not a being a supportive boyfriend.”

    I’ll pause here for a moment to let you guys regain your composure. Ok, let’s continue.

    Nicole: “Are you having a good time? Are we growing apart?”
    Cory: “I’m really insecure about my girlfriend with really hot guys in New York.”

    WHAT?!?! Did Cory just make mention of hot guys? Cory, is there something you want to tell us?

    Cory: “If I act like a d**k, you’ll want me more!”
    Nicole: “No, if you act like a d**k, I’m going to hang up. I’m sad, I’m lonely, I miss you. I need support. What do you want me to do? Drop out right now?”
    Cory: “I don’t know…”

    Geez wheez, Nicole! What happened to all that independence? That realization of not giving up something for others? Oy vey!

    I’m Going To Make [insert CLAP! sound] You Squat!

    At the crack of dawn the next morning, personal trainer John Silverman returns to visit the girls. He’s there, as Elyse says, to “whip [them] into shape.” Cue footage of the ladies decked out in tight and barely there workout gear, being filmed from all angles.

    “Adrianne is an extreme individual,” John says. “She’s in phenomenal condition!” Robin, of course, is late to the gym because she was getting ready upstairs. In a show of discipline, John makes Robin squat against the wall for several minutes. That’s enough time to go back to his star pupil, Adrianne. “She’s nuts!” John says. “That’s what you have to do. You have to get so psycho, that you do that,” as we see Adrianne pumping iron.

    Robin is really slacking and it’s her attitude. John takes her aside and says “I’m getting the feeling you’re not working hard enough.” Robin starts crying but it’s very hard to feel anything for her but a sense she had it coming. It wasn’t even a hard workout, she just doesn’t want to be told what to do. And in this business, being uncooperative is a sure way to being shown the door.

    Extreme Beauty, Serpentine Style!

    The girls then join Tyra at Pier 59 Studios for a shoot with photographer Troy Ward. Today’s test is for beauty shots. Beauty shots are face shots. “Not every model can do them,” Tyra warns. Troy tells us today’s theme is a “strong concept.” It’s about “getting your look on and being that character.”

    To make this a worth Kodak moment, the girls will be posing with…snakes! Big ones! One is yellow, one is read, but they are all big! Adrianne is all smiles because she has a pet ball python named Regina. Robin in the other hand is freaking out. “I wear snake skin boots but I don’t have to see it and feel it,” she says.

    Here’s how the shoot went, all the girls are wearing bandeau tops but have a unique, edgy look.

    Robin: After invoking the name of Jesus four times, she summons the courage to have her snake slither around her neck. Robin’s look is rainbowey-eyes and she looks great.
    Elyse: She has modern Twiggy-look with light but long eyelashes on the bottom of her eyes. Elyse is confidant and her photo also looks great.
    Kesse: Troy says she has a “doe-like” look but it’s good.
    Ebony: Problems. Ebony’s skin needs a lot of retouching. “And that’s expensive,” Troy says.
    Shannon: Shannon’s look is Greek goddess with lots of curly hair. She just nails her photo and the snake looks like it’s been her familiar for years.
    Nicole: WHOAH!!! They really messed up on her. She looks like a drag queen! It is so evident her hair was a big mistake and in hindsight, they should have left her alone or she should have been far more cooperative and let them do her completely over.
    Adrianne: Adrianne nails the coolest look. It’s “The Mask of Zorro” because her eyes are spray painted a spacey purple, as if she was wearing a mask. She looks fantastic.

    Photographer Troy Ward agrees and says if he had to a shoot today, “I would probably pick Adrianne. It’s like a cover.”

    The girls go back to the penthouse and discover Tyra Mail. The black clouds gather as they realize tomorrow, one of them will be eliminated.

    “I’m not going anywhere,” Nicole boldly states. “I still have two more weeks of clothes, baby!” Meanwhile, Adrianne is feeling good because she knows she’s trying really hard and “God’s going to bless me,” she hopes.

    Who Ordered Chinese?

    The next morning, all is not well. Adrianne has a wicked case of food poisoning. She looks awful and is feeling so pukey. She is shivering and crying in the bathroom but in a show of caring and solidarity, Adrianne has seven mothers that all tend to her needs. But this is serious and she has to be taken to the hospital. Production staff assist and carry her, in fact.

    Tyra wants to be civil and would “never eliminate Adrianne for being sick” but the other judges are more cutthroat. If Adrianne does not show up to the judging, it will not be fair to the other contestants and she will be eliminated.

    Adrianne “[fakes] feeling better to get out of the hospital” and makes it to the judging. Elyse is impressed and says, “She’s a tough broad, as she would say in her own words.”

    You’ve Got Twenty Minutes To Look Like Tyra. Go!

    In front of judges Janice (who’s back to being called one the first “supermodels” again), Beau, Kimora, Tyra and guest judge Jay Manuel, the girls must show how much they’ve learned about the art of make-up. They are given an extreme beauty shot of Tyra in a punkish but stylish look. The girls will be judged coming as close as possible to nailing that exact look.

    “Now you see this is no game,” Tyra says.

    Adrianne, in feat of will, pulls it off! Even though she’s weaker than a happy hour Gin n Tonic at T.G.I. Friday’s, she does a wonderful job on her make-up. “Well done!” says Janice in her best Simon Cowell impression. They look at her photo shoot with the snake. Beau says her face looks “amazing.” Praise all around.

    Kesse is next and everyone loves her hair. Janice points out she looks like she’s thinking about the snake too much in her photo, however.

    Nicole is told she looks scared of going all out with her make-up and is ripped to pieces by the judges on her snake shoot. “There’s nothing in the eyes,” Jay says.

    Tyra says Ebony is too conservative with her application. Jay brings up the great point that Ebony “bragged about being a make-up artist” but she’s failed every make-up test so far.

    Shannon’s up next and wows everyone! “Look what the cat dragged in!” someone says. Shannon nailed the look, her photo with the snake is fantastic and most importantly she is having fun, smiling and working it!

    Giselle also did too little make-up. But there’s another issue. Jay tells her she’s “beautiful on the outside. You just need to have that thought in your mind.”

    Robin also gets her make-up done right! But lost the attitude she’s told. Kimora in particular is shocked to learn that Robin is so stubborn. Tyra says to learn to deal with people all over you because she has her own hair has been “fried, dyed, fallen out, dread-locked,” and so on five times in one day. It’s a tough business all that attention. “If this was the real world, they’ll just say bye” if you’re uncooperative.

    Five Heads Are Better Than One For Deliberations

    The judges bicker about who’s “in” and who’s “out,” giving us the following insight. Props to Adrianne for having the strength to show up. Kesse gets some mixed reviews. Shannon and Elyse get overwhelming nods. Kimora says Nicole is “not the most photogenic.” There is some concern about the way Giselle puts herself down. Robin is in trouble because of the diva attitude. Ebony is said to maybe look too old and Kimora throws in the word “harsh.”

    Photo Ceremony to Turn Eight Into Seven

    Tyra somberly stands and switches on her Oscar-moment voice. The names will be read and whoever doesn’t receive a photo is eliminated. Here we go…

    Shannon, Kesse, Elyse, Giselle. Ah, Giselle. Time for commentary. Tyra tells her “If you don’t think you’re fierce, I won’t.” Good advice, Tyra. We continue…

    Adrianne. Of course, she impressed everyone. But now Tyra gets cryptic. She says “there’s a balance and you have to know how far you’re willing to go.” Does that mean knowing when say no to a job in preservation of your own health? Did Tyra get her script mixed up? Who knows.

    Then, Robin’s name is read. She’s in, again! However, she’s told to lose the attitude (again). “The whole tantrum thing, we’ll allow it only once,” Tyra says.

    The tension is unbearable as Ebony and Nicole are asked to step forward. In a ploy not used before, Nicole’s name is said but it’s to get her attention to the fact she has a beautiful body but needs to work on her facial expressions. The Ebony’s name is said but that’s also only to tell her she has beautiful skin but the texture needs work.

    What gives, Tyra? Tell us already!!!

    “Ebony,” Tyra finally says. “Congratulations. You’re still in the running to becoming America’s next top model.”

    Nicole is out!!! Cue sappy guitar music!!!

    Once again, we see goodbye hugs but, strangely enough, not as many tears. I think they all knew Nicole’s mind was someplace else and she was not giving her pictures and her look everything she’s got. Plus, she was uncooperative with her make-over.

    “There’s definitely some relief,” Nicole says. But what I want to know is will Nicole and Cory make up? Or will she see that he just made a huge mistake by putting his issues in front of hers? And most importantly, why do I care so much?

    We know see our photo of all the contestants and Nicole fades away…See ya!

    Next week, we’ll be at a high-fashion commercial shoot, Ebony wants to bring her girlfriend over to the penthouse and tensions mount between her and Giselle.

    It’s sure to be packed full of excitement!

    To contact the author, send mail to

    If you missed them or just can't get enough, read the Episode One and Episode Two recaps!
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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    On the mat

    Great job, DD. And if Nicole needs a shoulder to cry on, I'm sure there are volunteers in the wings.

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    dallas, fer sure
    i am so liking this show and your recap had me laughing out loud! thanks so much!

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    Fabulous, DD. I hope your great recaps will get more people watching so they won't cancel this show.
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    What a price to pay

    Now we’re at the Luca Luca (I think, it’s all such a whirlwind of activity) and the ladies are trying on garments. Yes, again it’s time for the obligatory bras, panties and less shots. This week we get a voluptuous Robin with a sash (and that’s it) over her boobs and our staple Adrianne.
    Poor you! The things you have to watch for this recap.

    I swear that the fates are conspiring against me. I finagled my cable which is basically for my computer in order to get UPN and set up VCR according to latest schematics required for rocket science and all I got was Rikki Lake and a Susan Lucci infomercial for some beauty products which even these model wannabes would not give a second glance to.

    Lucky for me, I read your excellent recap. In fact, I believe I'm actually better off.

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    The snakes name

    Adrianne's pet snake is "Vegita" she named it after Vegita from Dragon Ball Z.

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    Deep Dish
    John, I remember you laughing at a variant of the word "hoochie" I used a few months ago! If I can find that thread maybe I can submit it to Derek Khan and become his apprentice or something!

    As for Nicole finding a shoulder to cry on, if she curls up her hair again that won't be a problem. Right now she looks too much like a particpant in the Christopher Street Parade.

    Thanks shersidhe and spegs. I definitely think we'll see this program to its conclusion because Revlon demands we have a winner!

    CaliGirl, your valiant efforts to re-wire your home to see this show are much appreciated! Dammit, I should have had you proofread this before I submitted though. I had way too many blonde moments while running the spell-check.

    Ah, Mattio! Thanks for that name clarification! So it's "Vegita," ok that sounds even better than Regina. What's Dragon Ball Z?

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    Just like a women to screw things up because of some guy. Pity

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    Congrats on a fun read DD!
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    Weaker than a gin and t at TGIF's,, oh that was sooo good, and
    I loved the falling like a subscription card from Marie Claire!

    Very fun read and lots of great word pictures,, I didn't get to watch it and now I wish I had just to make your re-cap even better!
    Thanks for the fun!

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