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Thread: America’s Next Top Model Recap 6/3

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    Thank goodness I found this site! I was going nuts because didn't set up the VCR right and I missed Tuesday's episode. Argh! But you just made my day, Deep Dish. Thanks for putting in all the details and not skimping on the humor.

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    Deep Dish
    Thanks Bill, firegirl and hepcat!

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    Thanks for a great recap Deep Dish! I watched this show for the first time this week. I will watch it again so that I can enjoy your recaps that much more. Thanks again.

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    Great recap Deep Dish, loved that you posted the pics in the beginning cause I'm always confused at first on who is who, until I've seen the show a couple of times.

    Great job & it's good to know that if I should miss an episode I can count on Deep Dish to give a fun & accurate recap on what went down

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    Deep Dish
    I do my best, slightly and Wyndemere! Thanks for reading!

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    Good recap. Really enjoyed it. Last week's was good too.

    I really do think they lightened Kesse's and Robin's hair too much. I don't understand why they think having hair color matching one's skin color is a good thing. Robin did look like an albino prostitute (or just someone like Lil'Kim). That was pretty funny. Giselle looked beautiful in her snake photo. You forgot to mention her in the snake photos overview, Deep. But since you are funny, I forgive you. ;-)

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    Deep Dish
    Thanks Abelard.

    I think Robin looks a lot better and a lot younger with her new hair. Now she's more flexible in how she can be styled for shoots.

    The only one they really messed up on was Nicole.

    Yikes! I didn't realize I had left out Giselle until I did the poll. Still though, in thinking of an excuse why I forgot her, it is probably that she's not making much of an impression on me. The judges want her to be more confident too. We'll see if she steps up her personality a bit.

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    Nice recap!

    I like Adrianne the best. She's very pretty, and I think she has the look of a model.

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    I'm looking forward to your recap which will finally be coordinated with my watching the show.

    I had to use 2 wire hangers, 3 pipe cleaners, a toothbrush and Dawn dishwasher detergent to facilitate getting this show taped tonight. It's very involved, so work with me here.

    Can't hardly wait! Your recaps are great!

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