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Thread: Next Top Model 6/3 *spoilers*

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    This was only my second episode but at least I am watching.

    I don't like Ebony's attitude and she does have really bad skin. Supposedly she's a makeup artist but evidently can't do her own makeup to save her life.

    I was glad to see Nicole gone as she clearly was more obsessed over her obvious loser boyfriend than caring about a career in modeling.

    I like Adriene. She photographed great and seems to have a pretty healthy, yet driven attitude about the whole experience.

    There are a few others that I liked but they didn't stand out all that much except when throwing fits about hair. :rolleyes: Or the pixie girl. I don't like that look but it's good for her.

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    Deep Dish
    spegs, that is quite an interesting story about the difference between the sizes of Lane Bryant catalog models and the actual clothes sold in the store.

    I'm wondering how long ago this was because in the 2003 Lane Bryant runway show held this past February in NYC, the models were in the larger range of full-figured women. Also, I just went to the Lane Bryant website and here the models do seem to be in accord with the garments sold.

    CaliGirl, you're totally right and on point! This is about advertising and selling a fantasy pretty much. Great pic of Angela Lindvall too!

    DancingirlJ12, another strange thing is that she was also labeled as being "old," (she's 26 for pete's sake) but only after the judges knew that. After her Episode Three makeover, I think Robin looks even younger.

    Good comments, ilean4clay.

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    Being somewhat spherical myself, I really do take exception to plus size clothes being modeled by women who would not ever be required to wear plus size clothes. There are many sucessful plus sized models (Emme comes to mind) Let the skinny girls sell the tiny clothes and let the rest of us who are larger than life, have a positive role model. That said, Robin is not my idea of a positive role model. I like her self confidence a lot but I do not like her attitude. She is overbearing in the extreme. She has no chance of winning.

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    One thing the professionals have mentioned is they like working with girls who are "fun" or easy to work with. It seems like some of these women have the attitude that they can bend the rules because they're hot. Robin comes to mind. Didn't she describe herself as a diva? If-when she gets eliminated it won't be because of her thighs, IMHO.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    They're already aware of her attitude, and I know Tyra was disappointed to hear that she'd been such a spoiled brat about the make-over, and I dont even think she knew about the "work out fit" at that point... if Robin doesn't get her act together, I think she'll be walking out the door soon. I hope so anyhow...

    The more I think about it, the more I think they were right about Nicole though...that she didn't really want to be there ,she wasn't there 100%... I mean who in their right mind would turn down the opportunity to go with Elyse to the "new india" function if they were seriously interested ina modeling career.....

    Oh well...can't wait for Tuesday, I can't believe how addicted I've gotten to this show... lol. WHo knew...

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    Deep Dish
    slightly, hepcat and Wyndemere, I totally agree that Robin's Achilles' Heel in this competition is her attitude.

    Robin is a veteran and winner of several pageants (like the now infamous "Miss Soybean" pageant). She's used to being the center of attention and successful without having get up early to hit the gym or have a snake wrapped around her neck. I think that is where the attitude is coming. Combine that with the fact she's used to hanging out with people that more or less probably share the same views.

    As Tyra told her, that doesn't fly in NYC. I think Robin is more of "what-they-are-looking-for" model than Tessa, Katie and Nicole so that's the reason she's outlasted them. But unless she majorly shows some interest in working hard during this contest, I see her being eliminated.

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    Also maybe she's not used to really competing with "the best" ...
    not to this degree? Maybe she's used to sailing through it with little or no effort... whereas these girls are really putting up a fight.. also that contests involve make-up studies etc that they are tested on, so they're tested not only on talent and looks but also in ability to learn, use what they learn & ability to take critique and being told what to do.... maybe this last one is Robin's biggest problem

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    I think that Robin's attitude is awful. What she said to Elyse about thinking about her when she read that quote in the Bible was inexcusable. She is so rude and hateful. I loved it when the trainer made her squat against the wall for being late. She deserved it. She is too righteous to suit me.

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by Wyndemere
    Maybe she's used to sailing through it with little or no effort..ability to take critique and being told what to do.... maybe this last one is Robin's biggest problem
    Very good points, Wyndemere. The ability to be told, "no, you're not doing it right" and to learn from that is pretty forthtelling and I don't think Robin can accept that right now. We'll see what Episode Four has in store.

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