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Thread: Next Top Model 6/3 *spoilers*

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    One more thing about editing and making it "reality tv". In the first two espisodes they hardly showed Nicole because she was not there to be on TV like Elyse or Robyn. Yet the week they get rid of her all you see is Nicole?? : :

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    My girlfriend starting watching the show last night (we caught both episodes) so I watched the show last night.

    First off, when Nicole was actually on the phone with her boyfirend, she said that she had called him at least 4 times day for the past three days. Plus, she was calling her mother about him....I don't care about the editing, but the girl has to get a handle on herself.

    2nd, Elyse rocks. I was dying. plus, she does actually seem very intelligent. This is one of the few times I have ever said this about anyone (even my best friends), but she would make a great doctor.

    3rd. Adrienne looked like sh** during that elimination part. i felt sooo bad for her. She looked awesome in her snake shot though.

    Finally, but if Ebony and Robyn left last night with Nicole I would have been very happy. They are both really annoying and don't deserve to be that stuck up. As for Nicole, why the hell would you pay $1500 for extensions???? And as Tyra said, "so you wouldn't remove your $1500 extentions for a $30,000 contract?? It makes no sense girl". And as for the "sick" thing. Give me a break. You have a chance to go and meet the top profile people in the industry and you say no? Heck, you better look like Adrienne did after the food poisoning for it to be that bad.

    Oh yeah, and Robyn pissed me off with that workout crap. UGH!!

    Okay enough ranting. i thought that the show was really good.

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    I admit, I watched part of this show after American Juniors went off, of course, mostly because there was NOTHING on. This was my first time watching. When they referred to RObyn as plus-size something, I went "Huh? Plus Size?" and my husband goes, "Because she's tall," like that was obvious. How could they ever market her as plus-size? What is she, a size six!?!

    The only likeable one in my opinion is Adrienne.

    I read an article that Alyse entered this competition because it would be funny and that she considers herself significantly more intelligent than everyone on the show, which I find hard to believe. I can't see why somebody would enter a contest based entirely on appearance to be funny... It just strikes me as odd.

    The thread: (Top Model) Contestant Surprised to Still Be on Show

    One more thing: I thought it was really mean that the stylist said to Nicole: "You'll miss out on this, then go home and work at McDonalds." That was really uncalled for. He was basically calling her unskilled and stupid.
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    Plus size models are about a size 12. In my opinion, unless you shop at a store where the sizes start at 16, you are not plus size. So if plus size models are not really plus size.......I don't think I want to go there.

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    Re: Next Top Model - 6-3-03

    Originally posted by DancinGirlJ12
    But anywho, love the show, DD - your recaps are freaking hilarious! Thanks for doing them and please - keep 'em coming!
    Originally posted by katkatalk
    I can't decide which is funnier: watching the episodes or reading DD's recaps!
    Thanks, guys! Episode Three recap is up now.

    I'm enjoying reading the comments you all are making about the show!

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    Originally posted by katkatalk

    I adore Elyse! Anyone who can come up with that much profanity in such a limited amount of time is truly a creative genius! My only question: what's a slice?
    Elyse said "sh*tslice." A dis without a cuss word is like a day without sunshine.

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    Re: Next Top Model 6/3 *spoilers*

    Everywhere Robin goes, she's immediately pegged as a plus-size model. Since the first episode, I've had questions about what definitions the fashion industry is using and whether they make any sense to us as consumers albeit non-industry, non-jargon folks.

    From the following comments, I see we're all full of questions and want answers.

    Originally posted by spegs
    Robyn is annoying, but I wish they would stop with all the plus-sizes nonsense. I think it should be a law that plus size models should actually have to fit size 14 and above. Truth in advertising, and all that.
    Originally posted by Wyndemere
    And what's with the plus size model comments??? Uhm...excuse me? I didnt see any pluses anywhere on her body LOL, I dont know what standards they have, must be very...very.... uh... petite.
    Originally posted by slightlyshady
    Plus size models are about a size 12. In my opinion, unless you shop at a store where the sizes start at 16, you are not plus size. So if plus size models are not really plus size...
    Robin was measured and weighed during the first episode. She's 5'9" and 165 lbs. It may or may not be relevant that one of Tyra's early assessments of Robin is that she's not plus-size on top but she is plus-size on the bottom.

    I did some research and two sources that explain the terminology and back it up with statistics and learned discussion are Grace Woman, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for women and Plus Models, an informative site about plus-size modeling.

    If we're looking for a broad definition, Plus Models offers us:

    Plus-size models are models who are hired to represent the plus-size woman. They generally range in size from a missy 8 all the way up to a size 32W and participate in a variety of modeling jobs including print work, runway shows, and fit or informal modeling.

    Plus-size models have many of the same requirements "straight size" models do. They are usually tall (5'8" to 6'0"), have a beautiful face, great bone structure, clear skin, a gorgeous smile, and a well proportioned body. They often find work from their mid-teens all the way through middle age and work in markets all over the US and around the world.
    Grace Woman gives us the following statistics and information about the industry:

    * 68% of adult women wear a size 12 or larger, over half of all U.S. women wear a size 14 or larger.

    * "Plus Size" retail sales in 2000 exceeded $32 billion for women ($6 billion for men)

    * On-line sales of apparel for the five-week 2000 holiday season increased over 300% to $854 million from $279 million in 1999

    * 90% of plus size women purchase an outfit at least twice a month, at an average price of $150-200 per outfit

    * "Plus Size" sales are growing twice as fast as overall apparel sales

    * On-line apparel sales rank 3rd amongst all on-line retail categories, behind only travel reservations and computer hardware
    Both sites, therefore, support and recognize that the term "plus-size" is misleading in a sense because if the majority of American women wear a dress size 12 or larger, it seems quite silly to stick a "plus" in front of the average.

    If we were being totally logical (and a bit facetious), the runway models we see at Donna Karan shows should be called "minus-size."

    However, for tons of reasons (as both sites explain) the fashion industry is just that, an industry. It's goal is to make money by selling the clothes, accessories and fragrances.

    All your opinions are probably valid regarding the chicken and egg dilemma of which fuels which. Is the modeling industry dictating to society what a beauty standard is or is society's idea of beauty driving the modeling industry?

    In any event, within the fashion industry the "plus-size" label Robin has been given is "appropriate." It may sound silly to our ears but it's just a matter of terminolgy. For example, in law a living person has no heirs, yet we often in everyday conversation talk about kids with perfectly healthy parents as "heir to this" and "heiress to that."

    Both sites are fully sensitive to the concerns such terminology raises. I linked these because they contain fair and intelligent discussions about everything we've raised on this thread plus lots of other stuff we haven't. The caveat, of course, is that both sites are selling to a target audience they've defined or that has been defined.

    The thing I find most interesting is how a reality tv show spawns great discussion that incorporates thinking on various levels, taking into account business realities, social realities and perceptions.

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    Very thorough analysis, DD, very nice.

    I still don't like it,

    There is a girl (Jill) who taught at my parent's dance studio last year. She wore a size eight, was in very good shape, and had a beautiful face. She wanted to get into modeling, and she actually got an agent who got her a job on a Lane Bryant shoot. She ended up on the posters in the mall--you know, the big ones in the windows. We went down to our local mall to take pictures of her in front of the windows. Well, we were having fun, but then a couple of women came out of the store and were talking to us about Jill's photos. They asked what size she wore, and were a bit upset that she was 6 sizes too small to fit anything in the store. The clothes she was wearing in the pictures were special ones made smaller than the ones for sale.

    That just doesn't seem right.
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    Dare to dream

    DD writes
    If we were being totally logical (and a bit facetious), the runway models we see at Donna Karan shows should be called "minus-size."
    Aside from this very wry observation, your post was well thought out and serious as it lays out the facts about the fashion industry with emphasis on "plus-sizes."

    When women in the U.S. are getting more obese (men too, but let's just talk about women here) the plus-size industry is definitely gaining (ha ha) ground. When money is at stake, so are dreams. The heavier women want to look like Angela Lindvall in their size 14 and up, so the industry accommodates them by showing their clothing on smaller women.

    And that ladies and gents, is what advertising is all about.

    Angela Lindvall

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    I agree with DD in that there are very mixed opinions about what "plus-size" means and I think that most people have a different vision of what plus-size is compared to that of models and agents... Personally, I'd say that a plus-size has got to be somewhere around a size 12 and up, but ya'll know the modeling world where thinner = better. My sister is a size 7 and there's no way that wearing a size 8 or 9 would put her in the category of "plus-size" when she's looked at by the average person. But when it comes to a modeing agent, well... she's not a size 2. But anyway, I just wanted to point out that in the first episode, at the end when the judges were getting their first looks at the girls' pictures, one of them immediately asked Tyra if Robin was going to be their plus-size model. So they obviously saw a pretty big difference between Robin and the other girls. Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents to this discussion...

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