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Thread: America's Next Top Model Recap 5/20

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    Deep Dish
    Many thanks to you all! When CaliGirl directed me to check out the writing on FORT a few months ago, I really enjoyed it.

    Now to be able to contribute as a poster and a writer is massively cool.

    It's a fun show and we'll see what develops.

    I'll second that Models: The Real Skinny on A & E CG mentioned. It's a really well made documentary.

    (No, we don't work for A & E)

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    This was a great recap DD!!! You've made me want to tune in next week!

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    Great recap DD!
    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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    Entertainment Weekly -- May 23, 2002

    Fill in the Banks
    How Tyra Banks is helping end the supermodel shortage. Thanks to UPN the newly titled creator and executive producer is looking out for ''America'' by Dan Snierson

    MODEL TRAIN-ED Banks now knows what goes on behind the cameras

    Don't hate Tyra Banks because she's beautiful -- hate her because she's an ambitious 29-year-old supermodel who's the creator and executive producer of ''America's Next Top Model,'' UPN's weekly competition (debuting May 20) that brings the winner one step closer to learning all of Victoria's secrets. But is she ready for her close-up with a reporter bearing stupid questions?

    We're all familiar with the region known as the Outer Banks. Will you take us to the Inner Banks?
    The Inner Banks has a cold, and her nose is full of snot right now.

    That's sexy. Will ''Top Model'' offer up never-before-seen behind-the-scenes moments, like when the girls are all curled up with Sartre texts, discussing continental existentialism?
    That's what it's all about. The trend of modeling is moving away from the external into the internal. So you'll be seeing a lot of whatever you just said.

    You're also a judge on this series. What's a bigger faux pas for a contestant: a bad bikini wax or a runway wipeout?
    Wiping out on the catwalk. You can put a little concealer on a bad wax job and it'll cover up the redness, but you can't really retouch busting your ass on the runway.

    How does it feel to be breaking down huge walls with this show?
    I think a lot of people thought I was going to be a figurehead or not really know what the hell I was talking about...

    Actually, I was talking about you being the first hot chick ever to appear on UPN.
    No, the ''Buffy'' girl is hot. Isn't she?

    Never mind. Shall we play Math for Models?
    Are you going to try to prove that I'm stupid and give me some kind of E=mc2 bulls -- -that I'm not going to be able to solve?

    There are 33 stalks of celery, 14 Wonderbras, and 7 sleazy photographers. If Claudia, Elle, and Naomi each had five stalks, three Wonderbras, and two sleazy photographers, what does that leave you with?
    Umm, okay, wait.... That leaves me with 34 somethings.

    Close enough. What's the hardest part about being a supermodel: modeling or fighting crime?
    I don't have an answer for that. [Laughing] That's just stupid.

    And now for the stupidest question of all: You, me, Friday night?
    [Nine seconds of awkward silence]

    Hello? All I get is silence?
    Umm, I have to, umm...I can't. I'm sorry.

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    To anyone who watched the show.....

    Good thing Adrianne is looking to become a model because she's really wouldn't make it any other way.

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    ok, i finally watched my my tape of the show. i actually enjoyed it!

    robin bugs me. her body isn't proportional and her accent makes her sound like a moron. other than that, she photographs well.

    adrianne makes for good tv. clearly she is a stoner. and i'm thinking, when a 6 ft model with a hot bod is in a bikini, no one is really looking at her size 11 feet.

    ebony doesn't really do anything for me so far, but i love elyse. though she is really way too skinny, imo, her personality is great and she's very comfortable with who she is. she reminds me of a more feminine trinity from the matrix.

    next to robin, shannon annoys me second most. just bugs the crap outta me with that stupid accent. and i'm a texan!!!

    the only girl that is just absolutely perfect to be named top model imho is nicole. she just has it.

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by spegs
    Great recap DD--I didn't even know this show was on (wearing my AI blinders). This show sounds right up my alley, though. Are they going to show this one again?
    Ask and ye shall receive!

    This Tuesday, May 27, there is an encore presentation of Episode One at 8:00pm.

    Then the brand-new Episode Two will be shown at the regular 9:00pm slot.

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    Oh DD,, you poor poor baby, I just caught the second episode of this show and I can't believe its a real show.. wow, I thought I had it bad re-capping Mr. P,, but you win! can't wait to see how you do the guy wearing only a t shirt for a dress teaching them how to walk thing.. wow,, that was something and how about that projectile vomit of a private cam that one girl did about all the other girls.. hmmm what a show!

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    Giselle and Robin have major reservations about getting it done but they come around and play ball.

    Deep didn't you mean to say they come around and play BALD!!!
    lol ha haha,, great re-cap! loved it!
    and uh cough cough,, don't forget us small cheerleaders!

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    urban cowgirl
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    I think elyse has the most standard model look, as far as high fashion goes. she has that angular pixie look that seems to be popular. She could wear anything (well almost, that pink cupcake number looked like she was put through a cotton candy grandma machine) and make it look right.

    i'm for elyse! yeah perhaps she's a little pretentious about her academic side, but wouldn't you be? i mean come on! she got into medical school and she isn't afraid to talk about it! i have to respect her for that.

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