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Thread: ANTM all Cycles Best of...

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    SheenaIsisMckeyElina AmisIsANTM's Avatar
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    Re: ANTM all Cycles Best of...

    Smile-Anya, nicole (5)

    Voice- Amis


    Runway Walk-Joanie, Katarzyna

    Body Figure-Katarzyna, Jade, Kyle

    Bone Structure-Anya, Jael

    Personality-Amis or Brittany(4)

    most high fashion-Anya
    he looks like a ken doll.-sheena

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    Chanel Century labrowneyes's Avatar
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    Re: ANTM all Cycles Best of...

    Smile: Fatima

    Eyes: Jenah

    Walk: Kata

    Body: Chantal/Whitney

    Bone structure: Amis

    Most HF: Elyse

    Accent: Anya

    Personality: Jaslene
    "For what it's worth you're like the first juicy booty to make it on the runway."

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    Re: ANTM all Cycles Best of...

    Smile: Ebony (c1)

    Hair: Chantal (c9)

    Eyes: Amanda (c3) To die for!

    Body Figure: Leslie (c6)

    Bone Structure: Stacy Ann (c10)

    Personality: Danielle and Joanie (c6)

    Walk: Katarzyna (c10)

    Model: Elyse (c1) the most high fashion as well.

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    Best Walk: Katarzyna

    Best Legs: Chantal

    Best Accent: Anya

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    Sara(C6) fan amazonophile's Avatar
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    Re: ANTM all Cycles Best of...

    Best model: C6: Sara Albert Best figure: C6: Sara Albert Best lips: C6: Sara Albert, C9: Bianca Golden, C10 Marvita Best height:C6: Sara, C9:Lisa,C10:Marvita and Lauren. Best personality: C6: Sara and Molie Sue,C9:Sarah and Lisa C10: Marvita and Lauren. Most beautiful: C6: Sara,C10:Lauren and Marvita.
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    "New World Order" is an oxymoron. I miss Sara(C6). I miss Lauren(C10).

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