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Thread: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    Quote Originally Posted by dominante;2999421;

    and this is my new avatar.,.
    Nigel is priceless in that pic!
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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    Oh, And That Pic Of Tyra And Whitney! One: Very Noticable That They Edit One Of Them In, And Two: Whitney Can Outshine Tyra *snap*snap* Anyday! lol
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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    Whitney looks so much better than Tyra in the 3rd photo, and I agree that that photo is very obviously photoshopped to put the two of them together.

    And looking at the second one, it amazes me that anyone can call Whitney fat. I mean, look at her waist! It is not that big! Back in my anorexic days I probably would have considered Whitney to be fat, but now I look at her and I just see a normal-sized girl.
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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    I've already said my piece over in her thread, but these pics completely captivated me. I couldn't take my eyes off of them all day, they are the best pics she's ever taken. Shame Tyra ruins the last one

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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    the close up of whitney in the tyra photo is very good.... the fact that tyra can be seen in the full body version ruins it for me though
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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    I am really happy that Whitney won. I literally jumped out my seat and was really excited. I'm glad that tyra called her a "full figured model" rather than the term plus size because she believes that Whitney is beautiful the way she is. I think her first photo is stunning. Show's that she is a beautiful girl who can take amazing pictures. I mean, this girl is made for editoral, fashion and beauty shots. The second one is my favorite. Stunning and looks like her lingerie photoshoot. It shows her great curves. The third one I love because she outshines Tyra. Haha. Its amazing how Whitney is behind Tyra but yet Whitney is the most attractive in the photo. Whitney has a great career for herself. She's beautiful and will probably be well known in this industry.

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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    The second one is stunning.
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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    I have no idea why these weren't shown last night, but I'm glad they're finally up. As...thrown the last one is. Whitney looks great in it, but Tyra looks stoned
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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    ...Stranglely I think Saliesha's winner's portfolio was better.
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    Re: Whitneys Winner Portfolio

    As i watched the finale i thought i'd be upset if whitney won but i was kind of happy for her.

    Now i am completely happy for her and amazed by these pictures.

    1st picture-absolutely gorgeous my favorite picture she has ever taken

    2nd picture-its good but not my favorite

    3rd one-whitney looks great..tyra not so much. at first glance i thought they were holding hands then i looked closer at it and i was like wow thats definitely photoshopped

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